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Valorant Night Market Schedule 2023, How To Access

Here's the Valorant Night Market schedule for 2023 and how to access it for some premium skins for cheap.
Valorant Night Market Schedule 2023, How To Access

Although Valorant's initial entry barrier is super low, with the game being free-to-play, if you want to click heads in style, then purchasing premium skins is your best bet. They're usually quite pricey, this is where the Night Market comes in.

Night Market is Riot's way of offering small (or really good, if you're lucky) discounts on some of the game's most luxurious cosmetics. These are available for a fixed period of time, with little to no prior announcement from the developers. 

The last Night Market took place in March, which was over two months ago, and fans have been eagerly anticipating another pop-up shop of sorts to appear. Fortunately, Riot Games essentially will soon drop the next installment of the Night Market.

The Night Market offers skins of different tiers for all weapons, including melee. Naturally, only skins you've yet to acquire have a chance to pop up in it, although there are some restrictions depending on the rarity of the skin. 

Valorant 2023 Night Market Schedule

Valorant Night Market Schedule For 2023.
Valorant Night Market Schedule For 2023. (Picture: Riot Games)

The October 2023 Night Market is expected to go live on October 4, and based on the previous patterns, it should run till October 18. The background of the next Night Market has been leaked by a trusted leaker, VALORANTLeaksEN.

This is a prime opportunity to get some of the best skins in the game for discounted prices. As a reminder, Valorant skins are divided by tiers depending on several factors; more importantly, whether they come with variants, finishers, kill banners, and other cosmetic upgrades.

The skin tiers are as follows:

  • Select Edition
  • Deluxe Edition
  • Premium Edition
  • Ultra Edition
  • Exclusive Edition

As we've mentioned, not all skins are available, as there are certain restrictions, for instance, the Valorant Champions Vandal will never be available on Night Markets, or the general daily rotation for that matter. 

How To Access Valorant Night Market

How To Access Valorant Night Market.
How To Access Valorant Night Market. (Picture: Riot Games)

You don't have to jump any hoops and loops to see your Night Market offers. Simply click on the card that appears next to the store tab, and you'll be able to see your own offers.

And that's pretty much everything you need to know about the Valorant Night Market! Don't be upset if you don't get that coveted skin you want, as more Night Markets will show up throughout the year.