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Europe's no.1 Valorant player reportedly struck from leaderboard for cheating

The Turkish pro who plays for Besiktas Esports revealed he was de-ranked to Immortal and is currently trying to prove his innocence.
Cheating allegations continue in the Valorant competitive community with the current no.1 ranked EU player, Yasin "Nisay" Gök reportedly removed from the region's leaderboards.

The information comes from the Anti-Cheat PD Twitter account, which reported that Nisay's account was removed from the top spot.

"Multiple people from the Turkish Pro-community have informed us that he is not on the top 500 ladder anymore," the tweet reads.

Nisay, who plays professionally for Besiktas Esports, commented that he was de-ranked to Immortal from Radiant, and is currently trying to reach out to the Vanguard anti-cheat team in an attempt to clear up the situation.

valorant turkish player banned
(Image: Riot Games)

The Anti-Cheat PD shared that, according to the Turkish Valorant community, Nisay has been accused of cheating previously, with the video down below used as proof.

Cheating in Valorant is sadly an ongoing issue, even at a professional level. Recently news broke of a scrim between Team Dignitas and an unnamed squad being interrupted due to the Vanguard system, Riot's anti-cheat, flushing out a player using aimbot.

We'll keep you updated as the story develops.