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Valorant observer reveals blackmail as reason behind Keiti's C9 departure

Cloud9 decision to part ways with Keiti was a shocking one at first, but as a Valorant esports observer revealed, it might have severe consequences for the player.
Valorant observer reveals blackmail as reason behind Keiti's C9 departure

After Cloud9 mysteriously announced that Kaitlin "Keiti" Boop was leaving C9 White, the org's all-women Valorant roster that had dominated the North American Game Changers event, the pro player was accused of blackmailing an observer, threatening her with publicly revealing intimate photos.

The accusations come from Valorant observer Mel via Twitter. In a Twitlonger, Mel explains that Keiti got ahold of private content Mel shared with someone else years ago and used a burner account to threaten her with publicly revealing it.

After realizing that Keiti and the person Mel sent the content initially were connected, she started questioning the former C9 player until Boop voluntarily outed herself. "She confessed to me that she was behind the burner account, threatening to leak my nudes. Her reasoning to me didn't seem malicious, but many of my friends told me she was trying to manipulate me."

Keiti initially tried to make it seem like the owner of the burner account had shared the photos with her, using it as an excuse to talk directly to Mel. "She threatened to leak my nudes to me, because she wanted a reason to reach out to me on her main account," Mel believes.

katie c9 leak nudesScreenshots from the burner account and Keiti shared by Mel (Picture: @Melanie_nhs)

Mel, who reached C9 directly in order to avoid the situation going public, explained that she decided to open up about the circumstances surrounding Keiti's departure as Boop was receiving a lot of unwarranted support, which was taking a massive toll on her mental health.

"The overwhelming support of the community for someone that has traumatized me greatly, still hurts me deeply. I've been struggling with dark thoughts in the past. I haven't had that problem in a while, except for last week. And it scared me. I didn't want to tell my parents or my siblings again that I was suicidal."

At the moment, neither Keiti nor Cloud9 have commented on the matter. We'll keep you updated as the story develops.