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Valorant players will be notified when Riot takes action against reported cheaters

The Valorant developers confirmed a feature that notifies players when a report is being followed through is on the live servers.
Valorant players will be notified when Riot takes action against reported cheaters

For online shooter players, sometimes reporting a player leads to an uncertainty of whether it will be followed through or not. In the case of Valorant, the developers wanted to make sure this was not the case.

Following a tweet from famous streamer Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, where he shared a screenshot of an in-game notification explaining Valorant had successfully banned a reported player, anti-cheat lead Paul Chamberlain, shared details of the newly implemented feature.



"Reported cheater msgs are here but are experimental. They only fire if you are in client when the cheater is banned, it's also meant to show the cheater's ID," he explained. 


Valorant cheaters players report Riot Games
This is what the notification looks like (Credit: @Ninja)

Despite Riot's best efforts, prevalent cheating tactics such as aimbots and wallhacks have made their way into Valorant, so the fact that players can have a clear sense of whether their reports have direct repercussions is an encouraging sign for the future of the game.



How to report a player in Valorant

The report option is easily accessible in two separate ways while playing Valorant.

  • During a match: Go to the scoreboard, right-click on the player you wish to report, and select an option.
  • Outside of a match: Go to the Career tab and search for the match you want to make a report from. While on the Scoreboard screen right-click on the player you wish to report and select an option.

The Valorant report options are as follows:

  • Verbal Abuse
  • Negative Attitude
  • Leaving The Game / AFK
  • Assisting Enemy Team
  • Hate Speech
  • Cheating
  • Offensive or Inappropriate Name

Valorant is currently free-to-play and available on PC, with a console port being teased, having no exact date for its release. 


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