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Trailer for Valorant's sniper Sova shows off his abilities

Sova is the third Valorant character to be showcased in a gameplay trailer, following Phoenix and Viper.
Trailer for Valorant's sniper Sova shows off his abilities

Last night we had a chance to take a sneak peek at Sova, one of the ten launch-day characters(Agents) Riot is planning for their tactical shooter game Valortant.

Sova is a Russian sniper, and his name translated from the Russian language means "Owl". We already knew his appearance and abilities on paper, but we can now see him in action, thanks to the last night's teaser trailer. 

He's a long-range specialist, with abilities that let him see where his eyes can't. Owl Drone looks particularly interesting. When you use this ability, you take control of the drone from its first-person perspective. You fly with it and find out where your enemies are hiding, which can help your teammates to secure kills.

His weapon is a sniper rifle with massive power and damage output, basically one shot-one kill. He can kill enemies behind certain obstacles, which is particularly useful with his second ability, Recon Bolt. With it, he fires an arrow that emits sonar waves that marks and reveals nearby enemies. It continues to do so as long as it stays there because enemies can destroy it. As you can see in the teaser, Sova used Recon Bolt to reveal an opponent hiding behind something and then he headshot him with his sniper.

Riot didn't show his third ability, Shock Bolt, and his ultimate, Hunter's Fury, but you can read all about them and the other nine characters in our in-detail Valorant: Agent and Abilities Guide.