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Valorant stutter glitch: Riot is "painfully aware" of the issue

Riot Games has come out to say they are painfully aware of the Valorant stutter glitch and has given a release date for the next patch to fix the issue.
Valorant stutter glitch: Riot is "painfully aware" of the issue

Since the last big Valorant update, players have been experiencing a game-breaking stutter glitch. The Valorant stutter glitch has caused players to rubber-band and glitch through a map, making them impossible to shoot with any degree of confidence. This is a big issue right now, as it makes the Valorant completely unplayable in a competitive sense for some users.

Valorant Stutter Glitch: When does the fix release?

Unfortunately, Riot Games has not been able to fix the issue just yet, and deploy a hotfix everyone has been waiting for. Pulling off the bandaid, Riot explains the patch to fix the Valorant stutter glitch will only arrive on 27th October with the next planned patch.

On 20th October, Riot Games revealed a hotfix is expected to release this week. However, after one day, the developer realised they wouldn't be able to fix the Valorant stutter glitch issue.

Valorant stutter glitch riot games next patch

Skye is also releasing with the next patch (Picture: Riot Games)

Riot explained how they are "painfully aware" of the issue, stating: "An update: seems like a hotfix isn't coming this week, as we haven't been able to build a reliable fix - think next patch.

"We're painfully aware of the disruption this is creating in play, and finding a fix remains our top priority. Thanks for your patience."

The next Valorant patch (1.12) is set to release on 27th October, with no exact release time revealed just yet.

The next Valorant patch should, judging by Riot's comments, include a fix for the stutter glitch, and we also know it will include the new Agent, Skye.

Hopefully, Riot Games will be able to completely wipe out the stutter glitch which is causing a whole lot of issues for some players.