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Valorant has just become the game with the highest number of concurrent viewers in the history of Twitch

Valorant has entered closed beta, and it's already on its way to break the record of most concurrent viewers in Twitch's history.
UPDATE: VALORANT has just become the game with the highest number of concurrent viewers in the history of Twitch: 1, 750, 482 viewers are watching the game right now on Twitch (10PM CET, April 7)

Previously League of Legends held the record with 1,743,521 concurrent viewers during the Worlds finals last year.

It should be noted that the Valorant numbers are heavily skewed due to Twitch beta drops, and an abundance of bots and fake accounts watching streams in hope of beta key, so you should take this numbers with a grain of salt.

Original Story:

Months will pass before Valorant comes out in its full version and the game is already making some serious noise in the world of competitive online gaming.

The open beta is live, but just a very small selected number of people is able to play it. One of the possible ways to get into closed beta is by getting the beta key while watching streamers who are currently playing Valorant and hoping for a random Twitch drops of beta keys. That's undoubtedly one of the driving forces behind an enormous amount of people that are currently watching streamers playing Valorant on Twitch.

At the time of writing this article, more than 1.6 million viewers are currently watching various Twitch streamers playing Valorant, and that number is only expecting to rise. The current record holder for most concurrent views on Twitch is LoL, with 1.74 million, which happened during the 2019 Worlds finals. It will be interesting to see of Valorant will be able to break this record, especially since in the NA region day has just started.

Only a selected number of famous and most popular Streamers got direct access from Riot to play Valorant last week when the game broke 1 million concurrent viewers on Twitch. Although there aren't any disclosures, it is highly likely that they were all paid to play and promote Riot's game, something similar we saw last year with Apex Legends and Electronic Arts paying popular streames to play their Battle Royale in order to promote it.

At the current moment, most-watched streamers that are playing Valorant are summit1g (180k viewers), TimTheTatman(111k viewers), xQcOW(76k viewers), and others. Big names like DrDisrespect, Seagull, Forsen, DrLupo and many others are also playing and streaming Valorant right now.  For comparison, next game by numbers, after Valorant, is currently CS:GO, with 275k viewers, and that's only because ESL Pro League is broadcasting right now.