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Valorant terminology for people who didn't play CS:GO

You don't understand what your teammates are talking about when playing Valorant? This article will help you!
Valorant terminology for people who didn't play CS:GO

Valorant has been officially launched and millions upon millions of players are rushing to play Riot's highly anticipated character-based tactical FPS.

Many of them are already seasoned CS:GO players with years of previous experience with that game, and given that Valorant is quite similar to CS:GO, many of them are using a lot of terms they are used to from CS:GO.

This all comes naturally for many genres where you have similar games. But, undoubtedly, many Valorant players don't have previous experience with CS:GO and they don't understand what people are talking about.

If you are confused with what your teammates are talking about and you feel like your gameplay is suffering because of that, don't worry! We've got you covered!

In this article, you will find a list of the most common terms CS:GO players will use when they play Valorant, and it will help you tremendously to understand what's going on and how you should play according to this.

General Valorant Terminology

  • Bomb- Spike is Valorant's version of the CS:GO bomb. Planting and defusing it is the main goal of each round.
  • Orbs -You charge your Ultimate ability with them.
  • Ult - short for Ultimate ability.
  • Flawless - A clear victory with all five players staying alive.
  • Clutch - When only one player remains alive and wins the round.
  • Frags - Kills.
  • Entry frag: First kill of the round.
  • ACE - When one player kills all enemy players in one round.
  • TEAM ACE - When each player gets one kill.
  • Terrorists(T) - Attackers
  • Counter-Terrorists(CT) - Defenders 
  • Bhop - Jumping around instead of walking normally.
  • Crab walk - To crouch and walk.
  • Trade Kill/Refrag - To immediately kill an enemy player after the death of your teammate, and to equalize the situation again.
  • Pick - Taking a kill while not being killed yourself.

Weapons Valorant Terminology

valorant terminology terms
(Picture: Riots Games)

  • Deagle - Sheriff
  • AK-47 - Vandal
  • M4 - Phantom
  • Scout- Marshal
  • AWP - Operator

Valorant Buy Phase terms

valorant terminology terms
(Picture: Riots Games)

  • Eco Round(Half Buy) - Your team spend some Creds, but mostly saving in order to have enough Creds in the next round for a full buy.
  • Full Save - In this round, your team is not buying anything, because you are very low on Creds.
  • Anti-Eco - Round when you know that the enemy team is on a Full Save/Eco round.
  • Force Buy - When you spend all your Creds even if you don't have enough Creds, because the situation requires that.
  • Thrifty - Winning an Eco/Full Save round.
  • Drop me - Your teammate asks you to buy him a weapon.
  • Tank- A player who buys Kevlar and teammate gives him a strong gun.
  • Exit frag- Killing an enemy after the bomb has exploded, to hurt their economy in the next round.
  • Glass cannon - When you buy an expensive and powerful weapon, but you don't have money for Kevlar/Helmet.

Valorant Spike/Bomb terms

valorant terminology terms
(Picture: Riots Games)

  • Tap the bomb(fake defuse) - When you start defusing the bomb, but then you quietly go away from it (don't make footsteps), so that enemy thinks you are still on it, which allows you to kill them by surprise. 
  • Stick the bomb - When you start defusing the bomb and keep defusing, while your teammate is covering you.
  • Plant for (something) - To position the bomb in a way that it can be easily defended from a specific point on the site.
  • Safe plant - Planting a bomb from a safe position, so that enemy can't see you easily.
  • Default Plant - Every map will eventually have the most common spots for planting.

Valorant map positioning terms

valorant terminology terms
(Picture: Riots Games)

  • Stack - Means to stay together and focus on one bombsite in order to have better chances when you are behind (on eco/save rounds).
  • Rotate - Leaving the area you're attacking/defending, and going to another part of the map. This is usually done only when the situation requires. 
  • Heaven/Under Heaven - Heaven is a term CS:GO players use for an elevated area on the map. When you know maps well, and someone says "Heaven!" you should focus on a position you know is above ground level.
  • Anchor Player - Someone who is left alone on the site with the sole goal of holding it for as long as possible to buy time for his team to rotate.
  • Lurker/Lurk -A player who is roaming around independently of his team, usually to surprise the enemy.
  • Jump boosting - Jumping on a teammate in order to get into elevated positions.

Valorant engaging/shooting terms

valorant terminology terms
(Picture: Riots Games)

  • Jiggle-peek/Shoulder-peek - Constantly peeking the same angle to try to gain information or bait them to shoot at you(and by doing that revealing themselves and their location) or to waste an ability on you. You should do this quickly and with minimum body exposure.
  • Wide-peak - Opposite to shoulder-peek. Wide peek is running past enemy's expected crosshair placement, and then counterstrafing to open fire at him. If you know your opponent is waiting for you, this can catch them off guard.
  • Double-peek - Two teammates peeking the same angle at the exact same time. Usually, one player will do a wide-peek to try and bait the opponent for a trade kill.
  • Dry peek- Peeking an enemy without the use of flashes.
  • Crossfire - Two teammates positioned opposite of each other but they are defending the same thing. In this way, enemies will be attacked from multiple angles.
  • Prefire - Shooting blindly where you expect someone to be, based on your prediction, intuition, hearing, etc.
  • Wallbang - Shoot through a box or wall
  • Whiffing - When something should be an easy kill, but you are missing.

Valorant Damage/HP Terms

valorant terminology terms
(Picture: Riots Games)

  • Dinked/Gooshed - Getting a headshot but not dying. It means that the player is very low on HP.
  • Lit - Someone is considerably damaged(they are below 50% HP).
  • Tagged/Hit - It means someone is hit moderately (they are above 50% HP).
  • Legged- Hitting someone in a leg with an Operator, meaning he’s low on HP.