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Valorant to get new Act based rank system

Riot Games has announced that ahead of the release of Act 2, Valorant's rank system is set to change.
Valorant to get new Act based rank system

Grinding ranked mode in any game can be an arduous task, and in Valorant it is no different, whether solo queuing or with a party of five the road to the top can be a long one.

That is why Riot is set to bring in a brand new system, that will allow players to better measure their progress from Act to Act.

In an official blog post, Riot revealed, starting from Act II, your nine best wins of the act along with total wins during the Act will determine a new "Act Rank". This new system promises to reduce the amount of yo-yo-ing players might experience on after a good or bad day in ranked mode and ultimately give players a better understanding of their actual skill level.

"Act Ranks" will track your proven skill, and will be awarded to you at the end of each Act. Players will receive a badge and player card for this rank.

So going forward players will essentially have two ranks, a current and a historic rank, in Riots' words, "if you peak at Diamond but drop down to Gold, your act will only remember the good times." For example, if Diamond was the highest rank you reached and you won at least nine games at this rank, this would become your Act Rank. 

The badge will be unique to each player, with the information inside act as a memento of your achievements during that Act.

Valorant Act Rank new rank system for competitive mode
(Picture: Riot Games)

"As you play, your Act Rank fills with smaller triangles. Each triangle represents your ranked match wins (Gold, Diamond, etc.) over the course of an Act based on the rank you entered the game with,” explained Riot Senior Producer, Ian "Brighteyz" Fielding.

As you win games at higher levels, lower-ranked wins will be pushed out of your badge, the border that surrounds your Act Rank badge will also change in as you win 9, 25, 50, 75 and 100 games.

At the end of the Act, you will be awarded your Act Rank badge, which may well look something like this:

ACt Ranks valorant
(Picture: Riot Games)

After each Act (read: season), players no matter how much or how little you have played will need to play three placement matches at the start of the following season. Your old rank will determine where you start in these placement matches, once you play your three placement matches, Riot state that they will put you into a lower rank than your MMR suggests. This is to make sure you are comfortable and can compete at that level and didn't just hit a lucky streak.

However, players who dominate their placement matches will have their ranking increased accordingly, meaning you won't find yourself needlessly playing games at a rank you have surpassed.

Alongside the Act Rank badge, players will also be award a player card for their efforts.

Valorant ranked mode
(Picture: Riot Games)

RIot have confirmed that these changes will take effect from Act II onwards, with no Act Rank awarded for Act I. Act I is expected to end on the 2nd August.