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Valorant to get new 'Replication' game mode

Everyone Jett?
Valorant to get new 'Replication' game mode

Riot has teased a brand new game mode, called Replication, that will be "coming soon" to Valorant.

The developers made the reveal with a short teaser that shows many more Brimstone smokes that would be currently possible in any game mode - that, plus the new Replication - suggest a game mode where more than one player on a team can select an Agent.

Valorant Replication game mode
(Picture: Riot Games)

One of the, presumably many, Brimstones then comes out to plant the bomb, suggesting that the mode may play like the standard mode but with the ability to select the same Agents.

A release date was not confirmed, the tweet reading that it was "coming soon", the game usually has a two-week patch cycle with the next expected to drop on the 11th or 12th of May.

Riot has experimented with game modes in Valorant, first with Spike Rush, then Deathmatch, then Escalation, as well as a couple of limited-time game modes.