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Valorant to get Ruination skin line, all skins and variants revealed

Valorant meets League of Legends with a brand new Ruination skin line.
Valorant to get Ruination skin line, all skins and variants revealed

Riot Games often give Valorant players their first look at skin lines through RyanCentral and Mysca's HITSCAN channel and this time it was no different with developers, Sean Marino and Preeti Khanolkar, joining Ryan to show off the brand new Ruination skin line.

This skin line promises to be one of the best yet and is directly tied into the ongoing storyline of Viego, the Ruined King, and League of Legends.

The Ruination skins will be part of Rise of the Sentinels event which will be held across all of Riot Games' titles.

Players had previously got a sneak look at them previously in a Valorant cinematic released alongside Episode 3 Act 1.

But now thanks to the HITSCAN video we have a clear look at the skins, accessories, end round animations and variants.

At first look, it is one of the lines of the most elaborate skins since the Dragon-inspired Elderflame skin line.

The Ruination skin line will include skins for the Phantom, Guardian, Spectre, Ghost, and Melee. The Knife will prove popular as it becomes the Ruined King's Great Sword.

The bundle will also include a gun buddy and player card.

The skins also all boast incredible variants.

Ruination phantom variant(Picture: HITSCAN)

The skin line isn't released yet and no confirmed date has been revealed, though the Rise of the Sentinels event is set to begin soon.

Ruination Phantom

Ruination Phantom

Ruination Guardian

Ruination Guardian

Ruination Spectre

Ruination Spectre

Ruination Ghost

Ghost Ruination

Ruination Melee

Ruination skinline


All images courtesy of HITSCAN.