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Valorant Twitch Prime Drops: How you can get your hands on some free cosmetics

Valorant has signed a deal with Twitch to give Prime Gaming members some cosmetic goodies, find out what they are and how you can get them right here.
Valorant Twitch Prime Drops: How you can get your hands on some free cosmetics

Valorant isn't exactly known for having the cheapest cosmetics, from a dragon-inspired skin collection that costs north of £90, to a battle pass that has to be purchased each and every season, it wouldn't be remiss to say fans of the game have felt a little squeezed when it comes to the non-essential extras.

That is set to change, if only in a small way, with Riot announcing a partnership with Twitch and their Prime Gaming service to gift players a free cosmetic each month.




Getting a hold of them will be easy, with just a Prime Gaming subscription, and, of course, Valorant needed to get your hands on them.

First, up will be Killjoy's Netter Treter Gun Buddy available for free from 16th September.

To get your hand on this drop and more follow the instructions below.

How to get Twitch drops in Valorant

Netter Treter Gun Buddy Valorant Prime Gaming Twitch Drops
Players will be able to unlock gun buddies, sprays, and other cosmetics. (Picture: Riot Games)

Making sure you are eligible for the free monthly cosmetics is easy, all you need to do is connect your Riot Games account to a Twitch account that has an active Prime Gaming subscription.

The process for doing that will be familiar to anyone who has done it for other games in the past. 

Simply log in to your Riot Games account, and then your Twitch account.

Head on to the Connections page, find the Riot Games tab, and click "Connect" and then "Authorize".

Once the rewards are live players should:

  1. Log in to their Twitch account with active Prime Gaming membership.
  2. Visit the Valorant page on Twitch's Prime Gaming website.
  3. Click the "Claim Now" button next to the Netter Treter Gun Bundy.
  4. You will now find the item in your in-game inventory.

All rewards will only be available for a month, so make sure you check every month for the latest one so you don't miss out.