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Valorant two-in-one Winter Wonderland skin collection leaked

A new Christmas-themed skin collection is on the way for Valorant, named the Winter Wonderland this is like nothing you have ever seen
Valorant two-in-one Winter Wonderland skin collection leaked

Every patch for Valorant always brings with it fresh leaks and update v1.14 is no different with two complete skin collections being leaked along with snippets of potential future lines.

Thanks to ValorLeaks we can get a sneak peek at the upcoming Winter Wonderland skin collection and this is different from anything that has come before. 

Valorant Winter Wonderland skin collection leaked

Valorant Winter wonderland leak skin(Picture: @ValorLeaks) 

The guns are enthusiastically Christmas-themed. The set includes skins for the Phantom, Vandal, Marshall, Ghost, and Knife.

The models appear to integrate Christmas dioramas into the gun’s furniture with a brain-bending 2D effect. In the case of scoped weapons, they reflect another perspective of the cozy Christmas town.

The most exciting trait of the skins is how they change depending on the lighting. The exact conditions aren’t clear, but standing in shadows will cause the idyllic scenery to light up with holiday cheer. This alternate mode effectively makes them two skins in one. The artists at Riot must be proud of such a festive design.

Valorant winter wonderland vandal
(Picture: @ValorLeaks) 

Rounding out the kit will be four melee weapon variants appropriately modeled after a candy cane.

The exact price and tier of the collection is yet to be revealed, though the extensive modeling and lighting effects hint towards Premium classification or higher. This is the first release of holiday-themed skins in Valorant, a trend common among other esports and live-service titles.

Valorant winter wonderland candy cane melee
(Picture: @ValorLeaks) 

Several of the weapons in the skins collection are the most commonly used guns in serious play. The Phantom and the Vandal are the default choice for buy rounds, and the Ghost is guaranteed to make an appearance every respawn. The Marshall is also a fan-favorite for financially-stressed players. 

It's likely these skins will be hitting the shop very soon, it being the season to be jolly and all. Valorant on the whole is having a festive moment with a new limited-time mode Snowball Fight mode, leaks that show Icebox will be going all Christmas pointing to a bit of fun being added to Riot's seriously competitive tactical shooter.

The Winter Wonderland collection is not the only collection leaked with the toy-themed XBlast line also being revealed in it's entirety. 

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Winter wonderland ghost

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Winter wonderland marshall


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Winter wonderland vandal



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