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Valorant v1.10 to start with ranked mode switched OFF after audio bug revealed

With the fifth and latest map Icebox and the start of Act III there has never been a more hyped patch. but it comes with a caveat.
Valorant v1.10 to start with ranked mode switched OFF after audio bug revealed

Riot has announced that Valorant's ranked mode will be switch off when v1.10 deploys tomorrow.

Revealing the discovery of an audio bug, the devs had decided to play it safe and turn off ranked mode until a fix and stability is restored.

Valorant v1.10 ranked mode where is it, Valorant rank mode not working
(Picture: Riot Games)

Its just another example of how seriously Riot take competitive play, but it will leave many disappointed.

In a Twitter post Riot said:

"We're shipping this patch with ranked entirely OFF, beginning with NA/BR/LATAM in ~10 hours (downtime at 6am PT, back up around 9-10am PT).

. . . KR/JP/OCE/APAC to follow, then EU/TR/MENA/CIS regions last."

Adding, "We'll stabilize this patch as quickly as we can, and then turn on ranked — but not before."


And while few will be unhappy about being able to play the latest map, Icebox, the changes to ranked mode arriving in v1.10 including the tightening of matchmaking and the focus on team performance rather than kills (at higher ELOs for just now) were highly anticipated changes.

When will ranked mode return in Valorant v1.10?

We likely won't be waiting long. Valorant has seen its ranked mode turned off before for "stability" reasons and while gamers thought they might be waiting a while to see it return it has been online within 24-48hrs.

That looks like it could be the case again as Riot replied to one curious fan that ranked mode wouldn't be availaible "tomorrow," but a fix for this audio bug is will likely be rolled out at one point this week.


Valorant v1.10 is scheduled to go live at 6am PT in North American, Brazil and LATAM, with servers back online at 10am.

Korea, Japan, Oceania, APAC will follow and then Europe, Turkey, MENA and CIS regions.