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VCT Champions 2023 Lower Bracket Final: EG vs. LOUD Result

The VCT Champions 2023 saw Evil Geniuses face-off against LOUD for a spot in the Finals. Here's what went down.
VCT Champions 2023 Lower Bracket Final: EG vs. LOUD Result
Riot Games

The VCT Champions 2023 have been heating up. After losing to Paper Rex yesterday, Evil Geniuses had one chance to make it to the finals to claim some revenge. The problem, was that it was  LOUD who stood in their way. A fellow America’s team, LOUD took the victory against FNATIC in the Lower Semi Finals Elimination - sending the EMEA team home. Now, both LOUD and EG were hungry for the spot in the finals, and neither team was going down without a fight.

But despite some impeccable plays from both teams, only one emerged as the victor, earning themselves that coveted spot in the finals. EG are heading to face off against Paper Rex once more, on the grand stage in Los Angeles’ KIA Forum.

EG Wins VCT Champions 2023 Lower Bracket Final

With the format being a Best of 5, the first match began on Ascent. Here, the first point went to LOUD, perhaps to no surprise given how strong the team have been on this match. But it didn’t take long for EG to start swinging themselves. By Round 3, EG smashed in their first point, taking the total up to a 2 - 2 draw by Round 4. Despite LOUD pushing hard, and continuing their aggressive play from yesterday, it was EG that dominated in Match 1, with a 12 - 14 win helped by a great Clutch from Ethan "Ethan" Arnold.

Match 2 saw the teams head to Lotus. EG swiped the first point thanks to Max "Demon1" Mazanov, but LOUD came in close behind earning their first point in Round 3. But once again, EG proved to be the tougher team, seemingly wiping the floor with LOUD and finishing with a 4 -13 win.

By Match 3, EG were poised to take a clean sweep, but LOUD were determined to pull it back. And they did. By the end of Round 7, LOUD were sitting at 6 -1. Despite a Kelden "Boostio" Pupello Ace in Round 8, LOUD brought a swift end to EG’s easy win prospects, winning the match with 13 - 8.

The overall score was now sitting at 2 -1 in EG’s favor. And with that, it was time for Match 4 which took place on Split - another LOUD favorite. An early lead by LOUD gave the Brazilian team a strong lead, one that EG just wasn’t able to bring it back for. LOUD finished this match on 13 - 7.

The full five matches were now in play. Match 5 took place on Bind, and it was the final push for both teams. An overall score of 2-2 meant that it was all to play for. But perhaps EG knew this best of all, coming in fast and aggressive that gave them a 2-6 advantage at the end of Round 8.By half-time, EG were sitting with a 7-5 lead over LOUD, but would they be able to keep it up? It was all to play for as the teams switched sides: LOUD as attackers, EG as Defenders. But despite coming in strong, LOUD were subject to some deadly plays by EG, bringing the score to 10-6 going into Round 17 and prompting a timeout for LOUD. 

The Brazilian team brought it back strong, determined to close that gap. But it wasn’t going to happen. EG took that final point, ending Match 5 with the victory. Bringing the total score to 3 - 2 EG.

EG will now face-off against Paper Rex in the Grand Finals, in a bit to take home that trophy.