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VCT Champions 2023 Upper Bracket Finals: Evil Geniuses vs. Paper Rex Result

A fierce battle between Evil Geniuses and Paper Rex saw one team walk away with the Upper Bracket Final victory for VCT Champions 2023.
VCT Champions 2023 Upper Bracket Finals: Evil Geniuses vs. Paper Rex Result
Riot Games

The VCT Champions 2023 has seen the world's best Valorant teams take to the world stage, this time in Los Angeles, home of Valorant and Riot Games. With the final leg of the tournament taking place at the KIA Forum, the first game saw Evil Geniuses face-off against Paper Rex in the Upper Bracket Finals. 

Both teams have yet to claim the VCT Champions trophy, so the stakes were undeniably high. Giving it their all with incredible plays coming from each side, the players were poised for an incredible match. But, only one team took the Upper Bracket victory - Paper Rex

Paper Rex Win VCT Champions 2023 Upper Bracket Finals

Match 1 took place on Ascent, with the early lead weighing heavily in Paper Rex's favor. But, not content with letting PRX get off easy, Evil Geniuses stepped it up helped by some incredible plays from Corbin "C0M" Lee. A near-perfect Clutch saw C0M stealthily take out the remaining two PRX as the sole survivor. It was thanks to these plays that EG took the first win with 13-10.

With this confidence from Match 1, EG started off strong in Match 2, which saw the teams take to Bind. But, PRX came back with a vengeance through some quick-well executed plays. Thanks to a clutch of their own, initiated by Aaron "mindfreak" Leonheart, PRX took the win at 9-13.

But it was all to play for as the teams entered the decider. Match 3 took place on Pearl with EG being the first to score. Only by Round 4 did PRX come in with their first point. By half-time the two teams were tied 6-6, neither willing to let the other take the easy road. But it was EG that pushed the hardest. By Round 18, EG were leading 11-6. With a new fire lit underneath them, PRX pushed back - hard. They brought it back up to an 11-10 score by Round 22, prompting EG to take a timeout.

But, a hard push from Paper Rex brought the two teams up to a draw once more, going into Round 23 on 11-11. With the tension well and truly felt in the KIA Forum arena, and the teams neck and neck, Paper Rex eventually took the win ending with 13-15.