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VCT Champions 2023 Grand Finals: Evil Geniuses vs. Paper Rex Result

A revenge match with the highest stakes. Evil Geniuses face-off against Paper Rex once again in the VCT Champions 2023, this time in the Grand Finals.
VCT Champions 2023 Grand Finals: Evil Geniuses vs. Paper Rex Result
Riot Games

With the VCT Champions 2023 final matches taking place at Los Angeles’ iconic KIA Forum, fans have been treated to some incredible matches. The first of which took place between Evil Geniuses and Paper Rex in the Upper Bracket Finals. After a strong struggle from each team, it was Paper Rex who walked away with the victory, sending Evil Geniuses to tackle LOUD in the Lower Bracket Final.

Fuelled by their defeat against PRX, and determined to make it to the main stage once again, EG smashed LOUD in the best of five format. Ready to take on PRX once again, the Grand Finals would crown one of the two teams as the VCT Champions 2023 - a title which neither of the two have taken before. This was a showdown between regions, and it was one to remember. 

For one team, though, it was a moment that certified their place in Valorant history. The winner of the VCT Champions 2023 is Evil Geniuses.

Evil Geniuses Win VCT Champions 2023 Finals

EG on undeniable top form. (Picture: Riot Games, Evil Geniuses)

With the stakes having never been higher, the two teams entered onto Split for Match 1. The first point went quickly to EG, but it wasn’t long before Paper Rex snuck one in on their own, taking the score up to 2-1 by Round 3. By half time, the score sat at 4-8 with a PRX lead, but EG weren’t ready to give up easily. Max “Demon1” Mazanov proved why he was a force to be reckoned with, making some excellent plays in what was arguably his best performance so far. As a result, EG walked away from Match 1 with a 13-10 win.

Match 2, on Ascent, saw PRX pull it back, heading into Round 4 with a 0-4 lead. And while EG matched them by Round 15, with 7-7, it was PRX who executed a Flawless final point, winning the match on 11-13. Determined not to walk away from Champs empty handed, EG stepped it up even further in Match 3. Taking place on Bind, the odds were stacked in EG’s favor.This match saw three Flawless wins by EG, two of which were consecutive. As expected, EG walked away from this match with a devastating 13-5 win. 

The overall score sat at 2-1 in EG’s favor. Just one more win and they’d take home their first Champs trophy.  Paper Rex were the first to score on Match 4, taking place on Lotus, even going so far as earning a Flawless win. But it wasn’t enough. A bomb defuse by Kelden Boostio Pupello in Round 9, followed by even more Flawless wins by EG after a side switch. That’s not to say that PRX gave way easy, in fact they put up one hell of a fight, desperately trying to take it to a Match 5 game. But every EG player was on top form, perhaps none more so than Alexander “Jawgemo” Mor. The atmosphere was tense, and the competition incredibly fierce, but EG pulled it off with an incredible overall victory - ending the match on 13 -10. An overall victory of 3 -1 for Evil Geniuses.