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Wingman Will Now Pick Up & Shoot Guns In Valorant

Lil bro Wingman will now be able to pick and shoot guns in Valorant. Find out all the details here.
Wingman Will Now Pick Up & Shoot Guns In Valorant
  • Riot Games has announced a surprise Valorant update out of their regular cycle that will give a massive buff to Gekko's Wingman a few days after he got nerfed. Starting from the next update, Wingman will be able to pick up and shoot guns as well, which will be a huge shakeup for the meta. 

"Say less—our bestie, Wingman, can now pull up onto the site with an Op," Riot mentioned in the latest patch notes. This will definitely result in Gekko's pick rate increasing massively, and we will see a lot more of it in the pro scene as well.

Apart from this, for people who are tired of e-daters, Riot has good news for you. If the game detects any e-daters, they will automatically be funnelled to a dedicated queue in Ranked, where they can only hear one another's voice comms.

A new Suss teammate mode has also been added in which only solo queue will be enabled, and the team comms will be turned off "because like why are you bottom fragging and not using comms — pick a struggle," the patch notes blog states. 

You can have a look at all the other features coming to Valorant in our dedicated patch notes article here.


Also, Happy April Fool's Day!