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Yoru was buffed more in v2.06 than we previously knew

The Japanese Agent was one of the big winners of patch v2.06, with an undisclosed buff being confirmed by the developers.
Yoru was buffed more in v2.06 than we previously knew

Yoru fans rejoice, the Valorant dev team has confirmed an undisclosed buff that was accidentally missing from the v2.06 patch notes, making his Dimensional Rift faster to unequip. 

According to Valorant's game designer Rycou, the following buff was missing from the patch notes, however, it made it to the live servers with the update:

Time it takes to unequip out of Dimensional Drift has been decreased from 1.0 >>> 0.6 

Rycou adds that while they don't want to make Yoru a perfect assassin, they feel "coming out of Dimensional Drift has been a bit of a death trap previously. Hopefully, Yoru can start to punish enemies that do not respect his presence."

yoru secret buff
(Picture: Riot Games)

Yoru, released in January 2021 has been one of the worst characters in the game due to his lackluster set of abilities, barely seeing any play at the pro level and even on ladder.

Here's hoping for the sake of all Yoru mains out there that these buffs are enough to make the character relevant for the first time since its release.