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Activision CEO Thinks AI Could Be Used To Make New Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero could be making a comeback thanks to the emergence of AI.
Activision CEO Thinks AI Could Be Used To Make New Guitar Hero

Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick seems to believe that AI could be used to make a new Guitar Hero game, somehow.

According to Kotaku, Kotick was asked what role he thinks AI could do in the industry, and used Guitar Hero as an example in a longer speech:

"If you take an example of a thing like Guitar Hero, I've always had this vision for what a new Guitar Hero product could be, but without having AI and then the processors embedded either in phones, in computers or in-game consoles, that allow you to actually have the speed of processing to enable that AI, we've never been in a place where AI is going to have practical reality and applicability for games until now"

It's unclear what exactly Kotick could want from AI when it comes to Guitar Hero, but it is worth noting that a 2007 Harmonix iPod release used AI to automatically generate note charts for songs, so it could be a case of allowing players to import their own songs and then immediately allow them to play the game using them (though that could open up a host of copyright issues).