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Age of Empires 4 build order to hit Feudal Age in 5 minutes

Here is the fastest, most meta build order to advance from the Dark Age to Feudal Age in Age of Empires 4!
If you're looking for the fastest way to advance your civilisation in Age of Empires 4 out of the Dark Ages, then look no further. This guide will show you how to reach the Feudal Age in just 5 minutes, which will enable you to build more advanced units and structures, expanding your dominion and power in the game.

The YouTuber Spirit of the Law inspired the following guide. While there could be more efficient ways to reach the Feudal Age, this will have to do for now, given that it is still "early days" in Age of Empires 4.

How to reach Feudal Age in Age of Empires 4

Here is a breakdown of the build using an English civilisation.

  • 7 Villagers on Food
  • 2 Villagers on Wood
  • 3 Villagers on Gold
  • 3 Villagers on Food

Step 1: Farm Food

When the game starts, you will have six Villagers at your disposal. Start by queuing up all of your Villagers to farming Sheep. Then, when your next Villager spawns, assign it to Sheep as well.

how to get to feudal age in age of empires 4 meta fastest guide
Start by assigning all Villagers to Food. (Picture: YouTube / Spirit of the Law)

Step 2: Farm Wood

Next, assign a Villager to start building a House using the House hotkey "QQ." You must then post two Villagers to acquire Wood from a nearby forest. One of these Villagers will build the lumber camp, whilst the other Villager lumbers.

Fastest way to reach Feudal age in Age of Empires 4
Fastest way to reach Feudal age in Age of Empires 4. (Picture: YouTube / Spirit of the Law)

Step 3: Mine Gold

The integral next step is to assign three Villagers to mining Gold. Once you have reached 16 Villagers, put all the remaining Villagers on Sheep to farm up to 400 Food. You do not need to expend too many resources on Wood since you will only need 400 Food and 200 Gold to advance to the Feudal Age.

Remember to keep an eye on your Villagers to ensure there aren't any idle units as this may affect your efficiency. Ideally, you want to be able to make your landmark building (Council Hall) when it gets to 200 Gold and 400 Food.

Step 4: Construct Feudal landmark

Once you have enough Gold, you can reassign all the Gold Miners to build the landmark since Gold was only required to advance to the Feudal Age.

fastest guide age of empires 4 feudal age beginners
How to reach Feudal age quickly in Age of Empires 4. (Picture: YouTube / Spirit of the Law)

Step 5: Set up economy for Feudal Age

You will use the remaining Villagers you are making to set up the economy to whichever unit you will be focused on creating, such as Hardened Spearman, Archer, Longbowman, or Camel Archer, all of which require no Gold. Alternative, you may want to craft Vanguard Man-At-Arms or Zhuge Nu, which need Gold.

beginner guide age of empires 4 how to reach feudal age
A new age begins. (Picture: YouTube / Spirit of the Law)

And that's it! Using the same build with Chinese civilisation, you can reach the Feudal age in just over 4 minutes. This method is similar to Age of Empires 2 and will unlock new structures, units, and technologies to include in your arsenal of power.


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Featured image courtesy of Xbox Game Studios.