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Amazing concept art from Retro Studios' cancelled Zelda game unearthed

The game was set out to be a JRPG and would revolve around the creation of the Master Sword and the last Sheik.
Videogame development is hard and often ends up with several projects not seeing the light of day. Rarely we get to see the remnants of these games but that's not the case with Retro Studios' untitled Zelda venture.

Sammy Hall, a former concept artist that retired from the gaming industry citing "exploitation, criminality, and abuse" on his Arstation profile, has shared several images, sourced by Shine Sparkers, of what would have been an action/JRPG The Legend of Zelda title.


sammy Hall unreleased zelda concept art
Hall’s take on Hyrule Castle (Credit: Sammy Hall)


The creators of the Metroid Prime series were reportedly working on the game between 2005 and 2008, with Sammy crafting breathtaking artwork that showed the direction they were going to take with the project.

Set in the bad ending timeline after Ocarina of Time, the game would've followed a male Sheikah in his quest to stop the Dark Gerudo from giving birth to Ganon, while simultaneously exploring the creation of the Master Sword.


Zelda Deku tree concept art sammy hall
Concept art showing a petrified Deku Tree (Credit: Sammy Hall)


sammy Hall Zelda Sheikah clan
The game’s protagonist wasn’t Zelda but another member of the Sheikah clan (Credit: Sammy Hall)


With a moody, grim atmosphere in the lines of Majora's Mask or Twilight Princess, Hall's vision for some of the monsters and creatures was particularly unique, depicting them as mystic beings rather than classic Zelda villains.


Sammy Hall Zelda concept art
(Credit: Sammy Hall)

Zelda concept art
(Credit: Sammy Hall)


Unfortunately, Hall said that his coworkers weren't thrilled by his designs which led to him getting laid off from the company during the game’s development cycle.

While you wait for more news on Metroid Prime 4, be sure to check out more of Sammy Hall's incredible designs.