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Amazon China leaks new LEGO Super Mario set, featuring Luigi

The release of the new set had been teased a few days ago in a software update of the original set.
The LEGO Super Mario set has been a success since its release in early 2020, quickly becoming a much-sought-after collector's item.

Over time expansions of the set have been released and a few days ago through a software update of the main figure of the set, indicating that soon Luigi would be entering the fray.

Luigi Lego
(Picture: The LEGO Group / Nintendo)

Further confirmation has also arrived as several hours ago it was revealed that Amazon China had accidentally listed the item ahead of its release and we know not it will bear the name, "Adventures with Luigi".

As in the case of Mario, the Luigi figurine will have reactions according to the pieces you use and the interactions with the environment, according to the stages you have built with the set expansions.

Luigi Mario Adventures of Luigi Amazon China
(Picture: The LEGO Group / Nintendo)

According to what was found on the Amazon China site (which is no longer available), it is scheduled to launch on the 9th July, a date that may vary in other regions of the world but is expected to be close to this, as it is a global launch.

Also, within the same set, new figures based on Boom Boom, a Bone Goomba, and even a pink Yoshi have been confirmed.

Luigi Amazon China
(Picture: The LEGO Group / Nintendo)

At the moment we only have to wait for an official statement from Nintendo or LEGO about the launch and availability of the Luigi set, as well as its price around the world.