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Annapurna Interactive Announces Blade Runner Game

Like tears in the rain.
Annapurna Interactive Announces Blade Runner Game

Annapurna Interactive is officially developing a Blade Runner title, the studio has today announced.

The announcement came as part of their showcase and is the first internally-developed game to come out of Annapurna itself. The full title of the game is Blade Runner 2033: Labyrinth, with the trailer offering up the information that it'll take place between the events of the original Blade Runner movie and Blade Runner 2049, during the events of the Blackout. 

The Blackout was an event that happened in 2022 and affected Los Angeles for a total of ten days. A nuclear warhead was detonated over Los Angeles in order to ensure that replicants could not be used in any meaningful capacity, which led to the ceasing of all replicant production for over a decade.

The trailer itself featured no indication as to what platforms it would be coming to beyond PC and also didn't offer any inkling as to when the game may release, so it could still be a while ago, but Blade Runner fans will likely be extremely excited anyway. Video game pickings for the beloved science-fiction world have been fairly thin, and it'll be interesting to see such a versatile studio as Annapurna take on a world with so much lore.