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Are the Splitgate servers down? How to check the status

Maybe your internet connection isn’t to blame when it comes to the Splitgate servers.
Are the Splitgate servers down? How to check the status

The success of Splitgate has been so momentous over the last month that the developers, 1047 Games, have dedicated themselves to extending the open beta. This is primarily to ensure they can get their servers up to snuff before the full release of the game later in August. 

While this was a welcome sight for players, it still means the servers will suffer some outages up until the full launch. The servers have become so packed with players that hour-long queue times to get into the game have become commonplace on both Steam and consoles. 

However, sometimes the servers of Splitgate are experiencing more than just an overload of players. Sometimes, the developers need to take them offline or there was some kind of problem, leading to the servers going down. If this happens, you want to make sure you know how to find out. This article will go over how to do that so you don’t blame your internet connection. 

How to check the Splitgate server status 

Splitgate servers down
Splitgate has been described as a cross between Halo and Portal. (Picture: 1047 Games)

The first step to check the server status in Splitgate is navigating to the game’s official social media accounts, namely Twitter. The developers have been extremely diligent when it comes to updating the player base about the current state of the game. 

As an example, the servers went offline on the night of 5th August and players were immediately notified on the Splitgate Twitter. The server outage led into the morning of 6th August but the Twitter account provided plenty of updates along the way.

However, this was a planned outage, so players knew the servers were going down beforehand. What about if the servers randomly go out and the Twitter account hasn’t been updated yet? More often than not, players will experience a message upon logging in that states “servers are overloaded at the moment.” 

This isn’t necessarily a server outage but definitely stops players from entering the game. In this case, players can simply keep trying to log into Splitgate. Reports have come in from console players that a few extra tries have resulted in them getting into a server. Steam users report mixed results but still, multiple attempts is the best way to solve this issue. 

Splitgate are the servers down?
Servers being overloaded is one of a few problems with Splitgate. (Picture: 1047 Games)

The servers of Splitgate are a bit problematic at the moment but the developers have yet to keep them offline for too long without letting players know beforehand. So if the servers are down or you can’t get in, it’s likely a planned outage or there are too many players trying to log in at the same time. Regardless, checking the game’s Twitter account is the best option to get fast and reliable updates.