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Ascendant and War Wind are free on GOG

More games are available for free on GOG.
CD Projekt's digital store Good Old Games (GOG) is currently having a summer sale, and more than 3000 games are on sale, with deals up to 95% off.

But, there are always some free games to makes things even better.

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GOG added three more games in their library of free games. One is  Delores: A Thimbleweed Park Mini-Adventure, which was already free on Steam and Epic Games Store, but you can now have it on GOG as well.

And the other two are Ascendant and War Wind.

Ascendant is an action-adventure game developed by Hapa Games. It puts you in the shoes of a mighty demigod. You are invading planes controlled by your rivals, and you must use every blessing and spell at your disposal to survive.

gog free games
(Picture: Hapa Games)

This colourful indie game poses quite a challenge to the player. The permanent death system and randomly generated levels will throw you into a new world each time you begin a fresh game.


War Wind is a classic RTS set on a distant planet of Yavain. In this game, you take command of one of the four unique armies and try to take control of the alien world.  

gog free games
Picture: DreamForge

War Wind features 28 ready-to-play scenarios, but what's especially interesting is that it comes with a powerful Scenario Editor that allows you to place units and build new battles. 

The game was developed by DreamForge Intertainment back in 1996, and it resembles many real-time strategies from that era.

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