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Awesome Games Done Quick 2020 schedule as event begins

Awesome Games Done Quick is back to raise money for charity through speedrunning prowess, with games ranging from Hotline Miami to The Legend Of Zelda.

In what’s become an annual event, Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ) raises money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation through viewer donations.  

Taking place across seven days from Sunday 5 January, the event sees top speedrunners show off their best times across a wide breath of games – with hopes of breaking a few records in the process.  

Last year’s Summer Games Done Quick event managed to raise over $3 million for charity Doctors Without Borders, while AGDQ 2019 raised over $2.4 million last January.  

Highlights in the 2020 event so far have been the unpredictable The Binding Of Isaac Afterbirth+, while a run of Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword showed some hugely impressive skips to cut through the game’s length.  

Future highlights look set to revolve around new titles like Devil May Cry 5, The Outer Worlds and a Super Mario Maker 2 4v4 Blind Relay Race.  

It isn’t just about speedruns though, with giveaways, interviews and special events all taking place across the week.  

You can check out the full schedule and watch all the action on the AGDQ Twitch channel below. 

Sunday 5 January  

A Hat In Time – 5.04pm 

Metroid: Zero Mission – 6.06pm 

Mega Man 7 – 7.05pm 

Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools Of Destruction – 8.17pm 

Star Wars – Escape from Yavin 4: The Lost Maps – 9.39pm 

The Binding Of Isaac Afterbirth – 10.50pm 


Monday 6 January 

Super Mario Bros. 3 – 12.26am 

The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword – 2.04am 

Dino Crisis 2 – 4.57am 

RealMyst: Masterpiece Edition – 6.32am 

Riven: The Sequel to Myst – 7.05am 

Myst III: Exile – 7.19am 

Bomberman Hero – 7.42am 

Chameleon Twist 2 – 8.37am 

Razor Freestyle Scooter – 9.13am 

Tetrisphere – 9.31am 

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga – 10.22am 

Skyblazer – 1.20pm 

The Legend Of The Mystical Ninja – 2.02pm 

ActRaiser – 2.55pm 

Battletoads & Double Dragon – 3.32pm 

The Great Circus Mystery Starring Mickey & Minnie – 4.08pm 

Donkey Kong Country 3 – 4.43pm 

Sonic Colours – 6.53pm 

Sonic CD – 8.08pm 

Sonic 3 & Knuckles – 8.48pm 

Bonus Game 1 – 9.41pm 

Fallout Anthology – 10.51pm 


Tuesday 7 January 

The Outer Worlds – 1.06am 

Doom: SIGIL – 1.41am 

AMID EVIL – 2.08am 

DOOM (2016) - 2.53am 

Bayonetta 2 – 5.48am 

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – 7.50am 

Tron: Evolution – 12.10pm 

Eagle Island – 1.46pm 

The Mummy Demastered – 3.01pm 

Hotline Miami – 3.45pm 

Chippy – 4.21pm 

Crowtel Renovations – 5.06pm 

Manifold Garden – 5.28pm 

Battletoads (Game Boy) - 5.52pm 

Adventures of Lolo – 6.13pm 

Adventure Island II – 6.48pm 

Hebereke – 7.28pm 

Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword Of Chaos – 8.12pm 

Super Castlevania IV – 8.37pm 

Pokemon Sapphire – 9.32pm 

Bonus Game 2 – 11.52pm 

Wednesday 8 January 

Terraria – 12.42am 

The Legend Of Zelda Series – 2.02am 

Final Fantasy VIII – 5.42am 

Vectorman 2 – 2.47pm 

Shadow Dancer – 3.11pm 

Shinobi III – 3.36pm 

Mystic Defender – 4.18pm 

Ghouls n’ Ghosts – 4.46pm 

Garfield: Caught In The Act – 5.21pm 

Contra: Hard Cops – 5.54pm 

Blazing Chrome – 6.40pm 

Cybernator – 7.24pm 

Super Monkey Ball – 7.54pm 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (arcade) - 8.43pm 

Mushime-sama Futari 1.01 - 9.13pm 

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater – 9.58pm 

The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time – 11.26pm 


Thursday 9 January 

Cadence of Hyrule – 3.01am 

Mega Man 4-6 – 3.49am 

Bonus Game 3 – 6.04am 

Super Hydlide – 7.04am 

Hoshi wo Miru Hito – 8.14am 

Sword Of The Black Stone – 9.14am 

Castle Of Dragon – 9.39am 

Wild Animal Sports Day – 10.06am 

The Adventures Of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends – 10.24am 

Jurassic Park III: Dino Defender – 10.42am 

Cybergenic Ranger: Secret Of The Seventh Planet – 11.09am 

Mega Man 3: The Robots Are Revolting – 11.49am 

Miracle Ropit’s Adventure in 2100 – 12.21pm 

Barbie – 12.50pm 

Normy’s Beach Babe-O-Rama – 1.16pm 

Doctor Hauzer – 1.46pm 

Nightcry – 2.16pm 

Fatal Frame – 3.18pm 

Resident Evil 4 – 4.48pm 

The Last Of Us: Left Behind – 6.32pm 

Jak 2 – 6.54pm 

Marvel’s Spider-Man – 8.09pm 

Earth Defense Force 5 – 9.13pm 

Devil May Cry 5 – 10.18pm 


Friday 10 January 

Bonus Game 4 – 12.46am 

Destiny 2 – 2.01am 

Fire Emblem: Three Houses – 3.06am 

BioShock – 5.01am 

Wolfenstein: Youngblood – 6.11am 

Subnautica – 7.31am 

The Sun And Moon – 8.46am 

140 – 9.16am 

Squidlit – 9.56am 

Action Henk – 10.16am 

Super Fancy Pants Adventure – 11.01am 

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines – 11.36am 

Gato Roboto – 12.41pm 

Darkened Skye – 1.17pm 

Touhou Luna Nights – 2.17pm 

VVVVVV – 3.07pm 

Celeste – 3.49pm 

PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX – 4.19pm 

Pac-Man Arrangement – 5.09pm 

Pokemon X/Y - 5.30pm 

Mega Man X4 – 9.50pm 

Mega Man X3 – 10.45pm 

Mega Man X – 11.55pm 


Saturday 11 January 

The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker – 12.45am 

TASBot plays Super Mario Bros. 3 – 2.39am 

TASBot plays Super Mario Bros. 2 – 3.04am 

Bonus Game 5 – 3.37am 

Super Mario 64 Randomizer – 4.12am 

Super Mario World – 5.37am 

Dark Souls – 6.07am 

Control – 7.02am 

Trauma Center New Blood – 8.28am 

Tony Hawk’s Project 8 – 11.28am 

Jumping Flash! - 12.28pm 

Kuru Kuru Kururin – 1.01pm 

Super Cat Bros – 1.31pm 

Bonk’s Adventure – 2.21pm 

Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles – 3.04pm 

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Final Mix HD – 3.39pm 

Blasphemous – 4.49pm 

Katana Zero – 5.59pm 

Clone Hero (Guitar Hero) - 6.50pm 

The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past Randomizer – 7.45pm 

Untitled Goose Game – 11.25pm 


Sunday 12 January 

Super Mario Maker 2 – 12.10am 

Bonus Game 6 – 1.45am 

Super Metroid: Impossible – 3.20am 

Finale – 6am 

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