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Blight: Survival Comes To Life With Behaviour x Haenir Studio Collab

Behaviour Interactive x Haenir Interactive have teamed up to work on Blight: Survival.
Blight: Survival Comes To Life With Behaviour x Haenir Studio Collab
(Picture: Haenir Studio)
Behaviour Interactive, the team behind Dead by Daylight, has teamed up with Haenir Studio to create Blight: Survival, an upcoming "medieval action-horror co-op survival game." The game will feature a team of four players up against monsters and civilians as both sides try to destroy the Blight, a disease that has plagued the world.

"As a game we were already looking forward to playing ourselves, we couldn’t be happier about this collaboration,” shared Stephen Mulrooney, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Behaviour Interactive. “Working with talented studios like Haenir Studio in this type of partnership will be a focus for us as we look to publish more and more external games in the coming years. This is the start of something new and exciting for Behaviour.”

blight survival
Blight: Survival will come to life thanks to a collab between Behaviour Interactive and Haenir Studio. (Picture: Haenir Studio)

While Blight: Survival was announced back in 2022 by Haenir Studio, Behaviour Interactive has only just now joined the project.

"Teaming up with Behaviour Interactive signals the next major phase of development for Blight: Survival,” said Haenir Studio Co-Founder, Mads Christensen. “With Blight: Survival, we set out to deliver an ambitious and unique experience for players. Being able to utilize Behaviour’s resources, expertise, and horror pedigree will be instrumental in bringing our vision to life. We’re thrilled to kick off this journey together.”

The game doesn't have a release date just yet, but it's likely one might come relatively soon given the recent uptick in updates surrounding the game. Many of the game's assets are already complete, and Haenir Studio released a trailer for the game around a year ago.

You can check out the gameplay trailer for Blight: Survival just below: