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Reports Say Bungie Will Be Working On Various Unannounced Projects With Sony

Latest reports state that Bungie is currently working on various unannounced projects with its parent company Sony.
Reports Say Bungie Will Be Working On Various Unannounced Projects With Sony

With the recent purchase of Bungie by gaming monolith Sony, many fans have been wondering what this massive acquisition would produce. Luckily we didn't need to wait too long, as the creative lead from Bungie has noted that we can expect various unannounced projects to arrive in the future. 

So if you want to know more about these projects and what we can expect, then keep reading. Below we'll break down exactly what the future looks like regarding the projects to come from Bungie and Sony. 

Bungie is Working on Various Unannounced Projects With Sony

As mentioned previously, Bungie was acquired by Sony last year for roughly $3.6 billion, as Sony wants to become more of a "multiplatform business," according to the CEO of Sony, Kenichiro Yoshida. Now that the acquisition is complete, the creative lead of Bungie came out in a Twitter post that highlights what the future looks like now that the companies are working together. 

Bungie will be working with Sony on unannounced titles
With the support of Sony, Bungie will be working on many unannounced titles, as well as a promised new IP coming before 2025. (Picture: Bungie)

Bungie's creative lead Tom Farnsworth stated in their tweet that throughout more than 25 releases of Destiny DLCs and other titles, the company has "totally transformed" how it produces games and conducts commerce, "moving from exclusively boxed products to live service games."

He then stated: “With the support of Sony we are working on [several] unannounced projects too.” This is further backed by the fact that Bungie has previously stated that they plan on bringing at least one new, fresh IP to their customers before 2025. 

Sony Aims to improve and expand their live game services with Bungie

Fans from Sony won't be missing out either, as the CEO of the company also went on to describe how the acquisition of Bungie will benefit Sony as well. As he states: "We believe it will be a catalyst to enhance our live game services capabilities," He goes on to say "Our acquisition of Bungie also represents a major step forward in becoming more multiplatform."

Sony Working With Bungie On live service titles
Sony will also be using Bungie's experience to improve their live game service capabilities. (Picture: Sony)

This bolsters Sony's previous claim that they plan to have 12 live service titles in the market by its fiscal year ending in March 2026. This would be a huge jump from the current number of live service titles the company currently has and give players tons of variety to choose from. 

So, all in all, this acquisition seems to be a huge benefit to both companies and promises tons of new content to come in the future. As Bungie will gain a massive support structure from Sony to bring new unannounced titles to market, and Sony will gain the expertise to enhance and expand on their live service game capabilities.