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Cat Soulslike Fully Funded On Kickstarter In Less Than Three Hours

Kristala has over 200% of its pledge goal just over three days after it launched its crowdfunding campaign.
Cat Soulslike Fully Funded On Kickstarter In Less Than Three Hours

Kristala, a story-driven ARPG souls-like title has already more than doubled the goal that it needed to enter development with 26 days left to go before the crowdfunding campaign ends. A demo is currently available on Steam which acts as a proof of concept for the title. 

Kristala is developed by women-owned studio Astral Clocktower Studios, and is run by Sarah Schaffstall, 'Allie' and 'Tiffany'. Once the studio hit the goal of £7,766, they added three stretch goals to the project which are listed as follows:

  • $25,000- In-Game Beastiary: Track new Creatures you find during gameplay with a Bestiary section in your Player Journal
  • $32,000: Boss Rush Kristal Challenges: Refight Bosses at a higher difficulty to earn even bigger Rewards & Achievements
  • $36,000: 6 Collectible Emotes + Mimic Chests: 6 collectible emotes to unlock access to Secret Passagreways, new NPC interactions & Mimic Chests

The Kickstarter page promises that the game will launch in early access before August 2024, with the listed fulfillment date on the page merely acting as a placeholder. According to the FAQ, the game will also launch on console platforms, with the official word being:

"We are currently speaking to a console porting partner through our Publisher, and plan to provide a major update soon on this topic. We intend to provide all backers a digital copy on their platform of choice (Steam on PC, Xbox Series X, PS5, and Nintendo Switch)"

With a full 26 days left to go before the campaign ends, the game could still skyrocket past the currently established stretch goals into the area of unannounced stretch goals. Rewards for the Kickstarter include key art, the game's original soundtrack, a digital artbook, a map, and an entry into a giveaway for a Switch Lite