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Dark Souls: Nightfall demo - How to download, install and more

Dark Souls: Nightfall demo is now available to download, and here's how you can install and play it.
Dark Souls: Nightfall demo - How to download, install and more

The demo version of Dark Souls: Nightfall, the giant new Dark Souls mod, has finally been made available to download and play. The game is slated for a full release after Elden Ring's launch however we don't have an exact date for the same yet. 

Dark Souls: Nightfall is a fan-made sequel to Dark Souls featuring a new story, characters, bosses, world map and more. While you will have to wait longer for the game's full release, you can still jump into its demo to enjoy the faster-paced combat experience that it brings. 

Dark Souls: Nightfall demo download

Dark Souls: Nightfall demo - How to download, install and more
You need to have Dark Souls: Remastered in order to play Dark Souls: Nightfall. (Picture: BANDAI NAMCO)

AinTunez and Grimruhk have uploaded the Dark Souls: Nightfall demo directly on Mega and it will soon be available Nexus Mods. 

The first thing that you need to do is download the installation files on your PC from Mega. The size of the Dark Souls: Nightfall demo is about 1.3 GB and it will be downloaded as a zip folder.  

Locate the downloaded zip folder and extract the files to the desired location. Now, open Steam and restart it in offline mode. 


Spot the Dark Souls: Remastered in your library, right-click on it and then hit the Browse local files button. Copy the address of the folder that appears and then run the NightfallMod.exe file available in the extracted files. 

Hit enter and put the Dark Souls: Remastered folder address in the address bar. Locate the DarkSoulsRemastered.exe file, select it and then, click on the Open button.

The installer will ask you if you want a backup, hit "y" to create one for you. Then, it will ask you to press 1 to continue the installation. Once you press it, the full installation of Dark Souls: Nightfall will begin. 

Dark Souls: Nightfall demo - How to download, install and more
Start the Dark Souls: Remastered after the installation of mod is complete to start playing. (Picture: Team Nightfall)

Once the mod gets installed after a few minutes, close the installer, go to Steam and start Dark Souls: Remastered to begin playing.

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Featured image via Team Nightfall.