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Death Stranding PC release date has been moved to 14th July

Kojima Productions' Death Stranding is yet another 'victim' of lockdown and work-from-home environment.
Death Stranding PC release date has been moved to 14th July

Previously planned for early June, the PC version of Kojima's latest title Death Stranding will be delayed by a month, and now the new release date is 14th July.

Like many other studios, Kojima Productions is also negatively affected by the current situation with the coronavirus outbreak, and they've transition to work from home, which naturally comes with some obstacles.

Thankfully, it is not that big of a delay, and many PC players are simply happy just by the fact that the game is coming to PC.

Death Stranding is Kojima Productions' debut title. It's a highly experimental game, with a lot of weird and unusual gameplay elements and narrative directions, but that's something many Hideo Kojima fans love about him and his games.

When released for PlayStation 4 back in November last year, it created a highly polarised opinion amongst both fans and critics alike. Some praised it for its originality, message and unique world, while others criticized it for being blatantly empty, boring and often feeling like being a chore.

The world of the game is definitely distinct and remarkable, with a lot of interesting elements, so if you're planing of playing the game when it comes to PC, you would have to be careful not to be spoiled for a few more months.