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Deltarune Chapter 2 arrives on PC this week

Indie developer, Toby Fox, surprised fans after announcing the release of Deltarune: Chapter 2 following the 6th-anniversary celebration stream of popular 2D RPG, Undertale.
Deltarune Chapter 2 arrives on PC this week

During the 6th-anniversary celebration stream of the popular 2D roleplaying game, Undertale, indie developer Toby Fox announced that its successor Deltarune (which is an anagram of Undertale) would be receiving another chapter launching this week. Deltrarune: Chapter 2 was initially slated for release last year but was delayed for several months. The news, therefore, came as a massive surprise to fans who had been eagerly awaiting the new chapter' release.

When will Deltarune: Chapter 2 release?

Deltarune: Chapter 2 will launch on 17th September at exactly 8 pm ET and will be available for download via the Deltarune website. At this present time, it appears as though Deltarune: Chapter 2 will release exclusively on the PC and Apple Mac.

Deltarune: Chapter 2 announced after 6th anniversary celebrations of Undertale
Deltarune: Chapter 2 was announced after the 6th-anniversary celebrations of Undertale. (Picture: Toby Fox)

Unfortunately, there is no indication yet whether Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 4 ports of Deltarune: Chapter 2 will be made available. There is also no indication whether Deltarune: Chapter 2 will be free (like the first chapter) or whether this latest chapter will have to be bought.

How can I play Deltarune: Chapter 2?

According to the official Deltrarune website, player save data will automatically be carried over to the new chapter once the game has launched. All players have to do is to "go sleep in [their] bed at the end of the game."

The developer notes that players "can play Chapter 2 without the save data from Chapter 1," which means that players wanting to continue the Deltarune story on a different PC will be able to do so. They will not, however, be able to revisit the previous story. "As long as you generally remember what happened story-wise, you'll be fine," the developer notes.

deltarune chapter 2 will be available on pc and mac
Deltarune: Chapter 2 arrives on PC tomorrow. (Picture: Toby Fox)

In addition to the unexpected news, Deltarune fans will be happy to know that there are even more chapters planned to be released in the future. The developer notes: "There are planned to be more chapters than Chapter 2. However, we've only completed Chapter 2 so far, so please be patient."

In a previous status update, Fox said that this latest chapter was harder to develop owing to "the complexity of new systems, plotlines, and graphics" but assured fans that subsequent chapters would be easier to make.

when does deltarune chapter 2 launch release date
Deltarune: Chapter 2 launches on September 17th at 8 PM ET. (Picture: Toby Fox)

As of this moment, there are just 34 hours remaining until Deltarune: Chapter 2 is released. If you're interested in getting your hands on the new chapter, then you do so by following this link.


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Featured image courtesy of Toby Fox.