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Life is Strange Developers Are Back With Lost Records: Bloom & Rage

Life is Strange developers DONTNOD are back with a new title, Lost Records: Bloom & Rage.
Life is Strange Developers Are Back With Lost Records: Bloom & Rage
(Picture: DONTNOD)

Developers of the hit game Life is Strange DONTNOD are back with a brand-new title, Lost Records: Bloom & Rage. In this upcoming title, players will explore a town called Velvet Cove while taking on the role of Swann. Swann is a quiet but quirky student whose story begins in 1995. Swann captures life through her camcorder, including every special moment with her friends. As she spends her final summer in Velvet Cove, she meets up with Nora, who's rebellious and fiery; Autumn, who's quieter and serves as the group's leader; and Kat, who's pragmatic and caring.

The game takes place in 2022 - 27 years after the girls mysteriously promise to never see each other again, as they get back together and deal with the secret they've hidden. Just like in Life is Strange, players will get to make decisions that change the scope of how the game plays out and allow them to see different potential outcomes.

Lost Records: Bloom & Rage's "lo-fi summer trailer" showcases the game's gorgeous graphics; they honor DONTNOD's succesful Life is Strange titles while having a heart of their own. In the trailer, we get to see some of the locations in Velvet Cove that will likely be important to Swann's story. "If you find this video," she says at at the end, "I'm dead." She ends the video with a laugh, leaving players with questions about the game's story - which will no doubt have tons of twists and turns, if Life is Strange has anything to say about it.

Like Life is Strange, Lost Records will likely explore heavy themes and put a heavy focus on the player's choices. 

Lost Records: Bloom & Rage is set to come out in late 2024. The game will be available on Xbox Series X/S, PC, and PlayStation 5. It's available to wishlist on Steam now.