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Disney Speedstorm To Launch In September, Will Be Free-To-Play

Disney Speedstorm To Launch In September, Will Be Free-To-Play

Disney Speedstorm will officially launch as a free-to-play game in September after spending five months in early access.

The game first launched in Early Access in April as a paid product, though the developers were extremely frank that they were always planning to release the full product as a free-to-play game. As Gameloft stated in a FAQ regarding the game:

"We plan to keep the core experience of Disney Speedstorm the same once the game launches in free-to-play for players to enjoy the same robust arcade combat racing gameplay they discovered during Early Access. The Disney Speedstorm team has a plan for regular content updates bringing new Disney and Pixar content like racers, unique tracks, and challenges. So, at the time of the free-to-play launch, a lot of content should already be available"

The resurgence in Disney games comes after Gameloft's extremely popular Animal Crossing-like Disney Dreamlight Valley, in which you build a world around specific Disney characters. Disney Speedstorm hopes to follow in that popularity when it releases as a full game on September 28, 2023 later this year.