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DOOM Eternal update brings Empowered Demons, Battlemode Enhancements, Death Report and more

Update 1 for DOOM Eternal is coming soon, and it will bring Empowered Demons and other various improvements.
DOOM Eternal update brings Empowered Demons, Battlemode Enhancements, Death Report and more

If you are enjoying DOOM Eternal, you are not alone. The game was the fastest-selling DOOM game in the history of the franchise.

Millions of fans are enjoying demon-slaying action over the past few weeks. To ensure that things will not get stale, id Software plans to release new content regularly and keep the game fresh.

Official id Software Twitter account yesterday shared first screenshots from DOOM Eternal DLC, and now we have a chance to see what will come with Update 1 - free content that will launch before the first DLC.

Doom Eternal Update 1 will bring a ton of features, fixes and enhancements to the game.


Empowered Demons

The idea behind Empowered Demons sounds really exciting. When a demon kills a player in the single-player campaign, that demon will be beefed up and transported directly to another player’s game to fight him.

This will occur at random, but the big reward awaits players who menage to kill this intruder. If you slay this demon invader, you will be rewarded with additional health and ammo, as well as bonus XP for in-game events progress.

Doom Eternal Empowered Demons

Battlemode Enhancements

Battlemode will get a set of quality of life improvements and features, with a goal to improve the overall experience. This includes implementation of Denuvo Anticheat features, changes to the tutorial walkthrough and poor network connection indicators.

For players at maximum level, Echelon Leveling will also be included, and for players who like statistics and want more combat insights, Update 1 will bring Death Report screen.

battlemode doom eternal update 1

Single Player Quality-of-Life Improvements

Finally, Update 1 is bringing a plethora of improvements and fixes to the single-player campaign. This includes balance changes, Dashing vertically in the water , and adjusting toxic damage while swimming.

As you can see, Invasion mode is still not ready, but developers promise that it will come soon, either with the first DLC expansion of the Year One Pass or before. And of course, it will be free.