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Does Dying Light 2 have Denuvo DRM?

Wondering if Dying Light 2 has the infamous Denuvo DRM on PC? We've got the answer.
Does Dying Light 2 have Denuvo DRM?

With Dying Light 2, Techland has promised 500 hours of content if you complete absolutely everything. As gamers on consoles and PC jump into the boots of protagonist Aiden Caldwell, and parkour their way through the massive open-world, one group might have an important question. PC gamers might want to know if Dying Light 2 has the infamous Denovu DRM...

Denovu has been linked to poor performance in some titles such as Resident Evil Village and Tekken 7 in the past. The name alone can send shivers down the spine of some PC gamers. For those who don't know, Denovu is an anti-tamper technology and digital rights management (DRM) system.

Does Dying Light 2 have Denovu DRM?

We've got some bad news for PC gamers who attempt to avoid games with Denovu DRM like the zombie virus.

Dying Light 2 denovu DRM anti-piracy tamper techland
For some PC gamers, Denovu is more frightening than a horde of Infected. (Picture: Techland)

Dying Light 2 does, in fact, have Denovu DRM on PC. This news wasn't announced on the game's website or social media, but instead, just a few days before release via the Steam forums by a Techland representative.

Via the Steam forms, a Techland representative explains: "Dying Light 2 Stay Human was in development for seven years; throughout that period, over fifteen hundred people invested their time and talent into making the game.

"To protect the efforts of the whole team from piracy we suffered when we released Dying Light 1, we’ve included the Denuvo system, at least for the launch period. It’s a solution used widely for AAA games nowadays."

The representative continued by saying that the developers are gamers themselves, and understand the concerns of PC gamers.

Dying Light 2 denovu DRM anti-piracy tamper techland performance issues
Denovu doesn't affect performance in Dying Light 2 according to the developer's tests. (Picture: Techland)

Via the Steam forums, Techland further explained that: We want to ensure that it will not impact your gaming experience. We continue putting extra resources into testing the game, and at this stage, we do not see any noticeable impact on the performance."

The developers have also committed to actively reviewing feedback during the launch of Dying Light 2. 

The short but not-so-sweet answer for many PC gamers posing the question: Does Dying Light 2 have Denuvo DRM? is YES.

Please note that we have no problem at all with anti-piracy measures. Techland has, after all, worked on Dying Light 2 for several years, and gamers should purchase the title if they want to play it.

Some PC gamers simply can't stand Denuvo DRM due to the possibility of poor performance when this software is implemented. 

As Techland has noted, however, they do not see any "noticeable impact on the performance". In case you do get poor performance in Dying Light 2, remember to first check the PC system requirements before blaming Denuvo DRM.


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Featured image courtesy of Techland.