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Dying Light 2 file size and preload date for PS5 leaked

Thanks to a credible leak, we now know when gamers across the globe will be able to preload Dying Light 2 on PlayStation systems, and the game's file size on PS5.
Dying Light 2 file size and preload date for PS5 leaked

Techland's Dying Light 2: Become Human has been delayed a few times now, and the current release date is set as 4th February 2021. 

As the sequel to the critically-acclaimed open-world zombie-slaying title, there are a whole lot of eager fans waiting to jump into the action as soon as possible, parkour their hearts out, and smash some zombie brains in the process.

For anyone who is wondering when they can start preloading Dying Light 2, well, we've got you covered thanks to a leak from a reliable source.

Dying Light 2 preload date

First and foremost, it is important to remember to take leaked information such as this with a grain of salt, despite the leaker being credible.

Dying Light 2 file size preload date ps5
Dying Light 2 is shaping up to be one of the most exciting titles releasing in 2022. (Picture: Techland)

With the disclaimer out of the way, the preload date for Dying Light 2 via the PlayStation Store, as per a leak by PlayStation Game Size on Twitter is 2nd February 2021.

This is two days ahead of the game's current release date of 4th February 2021, which makes a lot of sense if you think about it.

What is Dying Light 2's file size?

At the time of writing, only the PS5 file size for Dying Light 2 has leaked, with no information about the Xbox file size nor how big the game will be on PC.

Dying Light 2 file size preload date PS5 playstation 5 leak
The small file size for Dying Light 2 on PS5 is surely due to the Kraken compression. (Picture: Twitter)

As you can see from the screenshot taken of PlayStation Game Size's tweet above, the PS5 file size for Dying Light 2 is expected to be 21.099 GB, without the Day 1 update.

At this point, it is important to note that the PS5's Kraken compression technology is likely the reason for the relatively small file size. Kraken compression is known to sometimes go as far as to cut the actual file size in half, so we expect the PC and Xbox file size for Dying Light 2 to be over 40 GB, without the Day 1 update.

So there you have it, Dying Light 2: Become Human's file size on PS5 as well as the date you can start preloading the highly-anticipated title.


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Header image courtesy of Techland.