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Dying Light 2 multiplayer: Is there PvP mode?

Will Dying Light 2 have a PvP mode? The campaign in Dying Light 2 will offer hundreds of hours of gameplay, but some players will undoubtedly want to test their skills against other players, and here's what we know about Dying Light 2 PvP multiplayer.
Dying Light 2 multiplayer: Is there PvP mode?

Parkour action RPG horror shooter Dying Light 2 is setting up to be one of the biggest game releases this year.

Developer Techland did an amazing job with the original Dying Light from 2015 and now they are adding so much more depth and features into the long-awaited sequel.

Just like in the first game, the core gameplay in Dying Light 2 revolves around the player's parkour abilities which will allow them to manoeuvre around The City, a fictional post-apocalyptic place in Central Europe.

Then, of course, there will be shooting, puzzle-solving, zombie-fighting, and much more dialogues than in the previous game.

Many fans of post-apocalyptic RPGs are already comparing Dying Light 2 to Fallout: New Vegas, especially because Chris Avellone, one of the main Fallout: New Vegas writers, also did some work on several side stories in Dying Light 2, which are inspired by New Vegas.

The faction system is another important similarity between the two games, and some consider this to be a perfect opportunity for a faction-based PvP mode in Dying Light 2.

Is there PvP in Dying Light 2?

Dying Light 2 multiplayer: Is there PvP mode?
You will be able to play Dying Light 2 in co-op with three other players. (Picture: Techland)

The first Dying Light game from 2015 has not one, but two multiplayer modes.

It is confirmed that the first one, a four-player co-op mode, is making a return in Dying Light 2, and players will be able to play the whole campaign (aside from the prologue) in the co-op mode.

The second multiplayer mode in Dying Light is a type of "invasion" multiplayer, something we've seen in many games recently, where a player could jump into players' servers and try to disrupt their game.

This mode, called "Be the Zombie", has an invading player playing as the "Night Hunter", and extremely strong and fast infected, with a single goal of killing other players. On the other hand, human players need to destroy the infected nest and survive the attacks of the Night Hunter in order to beat it.

This asymmetrical PvP is a really enjoyable experience, and Dying Light fans are hoping for it to return in Dying Light 2.

Currently, Techland hasn't mentioned any PvP content coming to Dying Light 2, and only online co-op is confirmed as a multiplayer mode. Nonetheless, it should be noted that developers have confirmed their plans to support Dying Light 2 with new content for another five years following the game's release.

Is there PvP in Dying Light 2?
The original Dying Light game features an invasion-like PvP mode, but there's currently no PvP in Dying Light 2. (Picture: Techland)

This means that there are probably a lot of features and content in the pipeline, but they simply don't want to drop everything at once, as the game already has a 500-hour-long campaign at launch, and the PvP mode will probably be released at some point later.

And that's currently everything we know about PvP in Dying Light 2, but we will update the article as soon as new information becomes available.


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Featured image courtesy of Techland