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E3 2022 to be cancelled entirely according to VentureBeat’s Jeff Grubb

One of the biggest events in the industry could disappear, after reports of the entire cancellation of E3 2022.
E3 2022 to be cancelled entirely according to VentureBeat’s Jeff Grubb

Every year since 1995, one of the most prestigious and anticipated events throughout the video game industry has been the Electronic Entertainment Expo, also known simply as E3, traditionally held at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

However, in recent years, this long-standing event famous for its big announcements has been losing its magic, both due to disastrous moments in some of its conferences, as well as the lack of interest from some companies such as Sony and their absence since 2019.

E3 2019
E3 has gone through big changes since its 2019 edition. (Picture: ESA)

After a forgettable 2021 edition that was impacted both by the pandemic and by its few interesting revelations, the fate of E3 2022 has been unknown, mainly due to the cancellation of its on-site version after the rise in infections of the Omicron variant.

Now, new reports have recently arrived from Jeff Grubb, a well-known collaborator from VentureBeat, who apparently has shown the possibility that not only the event will not take place in Los Angeles, but the entire event in general.

This was made known through a video published on his personal YouTube channel, where the reporter mentioned that while E3 has been cancelled in-person, its digital version "is probably also cancelled."

So far, the Entertainment Software Association, the one in charge of organizing E3, has not released any statement about the revelation by Jeff Grubb, however, this rumour contrasts a lot with what the ESA itself has stated in recent months, by showing their support for a hybrid format event.

Likewise, some important voices in the industry such as the journalist Jason Schreier or the analyst Mike Futter, assured that this decision has been made since last fall and that, according to their sources, a digital E3 would not be held.

Finally, it should be added that shortly after the ESA revealed the cancellation of the LA event, they contacted IGN to inform them the digital edition should not be taken for granted either.

Summer Game Fest 2022
With E3 dropping in quality, Geoff Keighley's Summer Game Fest has taken its place as the event to watch. (Picture: Summer Game Fest)

For now, we will have to wait a few more days or weeks to find out how this mystery will end, although seeing the current situation, it’s possible that we are facing the end of an era in the industry, while the Summer Game Fest created by Geoff Keighley maintains its position as the biggest event of the year.

Featured image courtesy of ESA.