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EA says cloud gaming will bring in a billion customers

Electronic Arts believes cloud gaming could open up video games to a massively brand new audience of players and fans.
EA says cloud gaming will bring in a billion customers

The gaming company, which is keen on joining other companies in the cloud gaming industry such as Xbox, Google, and PlayStation, has started testing its cloud gaming service titled Project Atlas earlier this year.

While they only have a few select games available for play on the platform, such as Titanfall and Need for Speed, Project Atlas could soon be joining the likes of xCloud, Stadia, and PlayStation Now and EA Chief Technology Officer Ken Moss has high hopes not only for his platform, but for the cloud gaming industry as a whole. 

Speaking during Microsofts X019 event, Moss said the cloud gaming industry, alongside artificial intelligence, will change everything in the gaming industry. How cloud gaming evolves is uncertain right now,” said Moss. “But it's going to bring in another billion players into the gaming world. We say we're at 2.6 billion or so right now.”

Moss went on to also state that EA’s efforts with Project Atlas are in no way to be in competition with other cloud gaming platforms and instead said the company’s motivations with the new platform is to “be where the players are” so that they can play games “wherever and however they want.”

The sentiments from Moss are certainly interesting given the current climate of other companies racing to create their own cloud-based gaming systems, but it could be that EA recognizes that there is enough of a customer base out there to embrace all potential customers rather than attempt to corner the market.

Regardless, it appears as though the company will be taking a different approach with Project Atlas, one we may not have seen before. Whether or not fans buy into it will remain to be seen, still, Moss is likely to be correct in assuming that the industry will only bring in more customers as time progresses.