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Evil Dead The Game - All demons, skills and stats

Today were going to look at all the demons in Evil Dead: The Game, and what you need to know surrounding their skills, stats and abilities.
Evil Dead The Game - All demons, skills and stats

The Evil Dead franchise has been around for years and with its revival every few years, it's not a surprise to see the game back in full swing this year. The comedy-horror first envisioned by Sam Raimi takes the form of Evil Dead: The Game this time around, and the game follows the premise of four survivors facing off against a Demon as they attempt to complete the objective and stay alive while the Demon hunts them down. 

You might be curious as to which Demon you should play since the choice can be daunting with only three options to choose from, all with varying abilities and stats. Today we have you covered however as we take a look at the three main Demon classes and their Deadites to help you decide on the best one to play in the Evil Dead: The Game. 

Evil Dead: The game - All demons, skills and stats

Demons can be thought of as the bosses that lead and command a group of Deadites, which are corpses possessed by demonic forces. They both are from part of the game's enemy faction and are more than capable of taking out the survivor's team. 

Evil Dead The Game All demons skills and stats Different Demon Classes all unique abilities
There are three main Demon classes in Evil Dead: The Game (Picture: Saber Interactive)

The three different Demons classes in the game are the Necromancers, Warlords and Puppeteers. And they are each more powerful than the Deadites they command and have unique abilities as listed below. 

Evil Dead: The Game - Warlord

Evil Dead The Game All demons, skills and stats The Warlord class ideal choice beginner players
The Warlord Demon class is ideal for beginner players and is easy to get he hang of when first playing. (Picture: Saber Interactive)

Warlords are simply put, brutal and terrifying. With their vicious nature, and willingness to do anything to kill the Survivors, even going so far as to rip off appendages and use them as weapons. They are led by Henrietta and are a great starting point for players new to the game as they're easy to get used to and don't require a complicated playstyle to get some brutal kills.


  • Granny Hug: Henrietta will attempt to trap and squeeze a survivor's head till it pops. The other Survivors must attack Henrietta to free their comrade or risk losing them.

  • Gas Leak: Henrietta will leave a trail of toxic fumes.

  • Belly Flop: Henrietta will belly flop on the ground, inflicting damage to anyone nearby.

Deadite Elite

  • Big Swing: A 180-degree swing attack that deals heavy damage to Survivors and anyone else in the way.

  • Deadite Smash: Deadite Elites will charge forward and perform a ground smash that damages nearby Survivors.

  • Belly Flop: The Deadite Elite will jump up and do a belly flop, landing on the ground and inflicting damage to anyone nearby.


  • Farewell to Arms: Basic Deadites will now rip off their arms and use them as melee weapons, a nice touch.

  • Puke: They will also now projectile vomit an acid-like substance on Survivors, dealing damage.

  • Dodge: The Basic Deadites can also dodge attacks like the survivors can, making them a fair challenge to take on.

Evil Dead: The Game - Necromancers

Evil Dead The Game All demons, skills and stats More Necromancer Demon more abilities
The Necromancer Demon class is the more balanced option as its abilities are slightly more varied and require some strategy, but you can still be aggressive in your play style. (Picture: Saber Interactive)

This class of demons takes its inspiration from the Army of Darkness and is led by Evil Ash himself. They are considered the middle ground in difficulty in terms of usage as they are good at direct combat with bludgeoning attacks and high strength. But they do also have unique powers such as Ash summoning skeletons and using telekinesis to kill and drain Survivors of their health. 

Evil Ash

  • Infernal Invigoration: Evil Ash will strangle a Survivor using telekinesis while healing himself in the process. Other Survivors need to attack Evil Ash to free their teammates.

  • Skeletal Support: Evil Ash can summon Skeletons to aid him in battle.

  • Skeleton Resurrection: If a Skeleton dies within the affected area of the ability, they will be able to resurrect themselves.

Skeleton Elite

  • Trident Smash: Skeleton Elites will leap forward and perform a ground smash that will damage anyone nearby.

  • Trident Toss: Skeleton Elites will hurl their tridents at a survivor and deal heavy damage if it hits them.

  • Skeleton Resurrection: If a Skeleton dies within the affected area of the ability, they will be able to resurrect themselves.


  • Lunging Threat: Skeletons can lunge forward using a spear that deals heavy damage but is fairly slow.

  • War Cry: Skeletons will let out a yell dealing light damage and knocking back any Survivor near them.

  • Dodge: Skeletons can also dodge melee attacks now, as Survivors can.

Evil Dead: The Game - Puppeteers

Evil Dead The Game All demons, skills and stats the Puppeteer Class is the more difficult class requires more skill and tactical usage
The Puppeteer class is the more difficult Demon class to use as it requires tactical skill to use all of its abilities effectively, but its still a lethal Demon.

Puppeteers are the more tactical option for players to choose, as they are powerful but with their more unique abilities that rely less on overpowering the Survivors and more on using tactics involving the use of telekinesis, duplication, electricity and self-destruction. Making it the choice for those looking for a challenging style of play and who want to test themselves. 


  • Psychic Squeeze: Eligos can use telekinesis to paralyse and attack a Survivor. To free their teammates from the attack, Other Survivors must attack Eligos while it is vulnerable.

  • Telekinetic Surge: Eligos can use their telekinesis to immobilise any nearby Survivors with a pulse of telekinetic energy.

  • Casting Stones: The Eligos can also use the old fashion strategy of pelting the Survivors with rocks.

Demi Eligos

  • Thunderstruck: Demi Eligos will mark each survivor, and if they don't move from the position they were marked on, they will be struck with lightning.

  • Duplicity: Demi Eligos can clone themselves, they will then have lower health but will deal the same amount of damage.

  • Dodge: Demi Eligos can also dodge melee attacks now, as Survivors can.

Deadite Berserker

  • Head Rush: Deadite Berserkers decapitate themselves, and launch their head at Survivors that on impact, cause an explosion.

  • Self Destruct: Deadite Berserkers kamikaze themselves, blowing up and inflicting heavy damage to any nearby Survivors.

  • Dodge: Deadite Berserkers can also dodge melee attacks similar to the Survivors.

And that's everything you need to know about the Demons and Deadites when it comes to their abilities and stats in Evil Dead: The Game. 


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Featured image courtesy of Saber Interactive.