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Does Evil Dead The Game have crossplay and cross-progression?

With Evil Dead The Game's launch fast approaching, we explain if the horror multiplayer will have crossplay and cross-progression at launch.
Does Evil Dead The Game have crossplay and cross-progression?

Evil Dead The Game is poised to become the biggest horror multiplayer offering since the launch of Dead By Daylight. Many players and Evil Dead fans debate whether the game offers crossplay and cross-progression at launch.

While crossplay and cross-progression features have been popular over the last few years for multiplayer games like Fortnite, Genshin Impact and Among Us, will Evil Dead The Game follow suit? We explore whether these features will be available for the horror multiplayer at launch.

Will Evil Dead The Game have crossplay support?

Evil Dead fans wanting to know whether they can hop into a co-op or PvP game with their friends on other platforms will be able to groove their way to victory. According to a tweet posted to the game's official Twitter account, it "will have full cross-play" support across its available platforms at launch.

Evil Dead The Game will launch for PC via Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4 &5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and NVIDIA GeForce Now, with a release for the Nintendo Switch at a later date. The details surrounding the game's crossplay support are quite scarce beyond the tweet, as we're not sure how it would function or what specifications are required.

If we're to assume using current crossplay support requirements, all it requires is to play the game on one of the supported platforms we've listed above. Additionally, a stable internet connection is required should you wish to join your friends or play with random players online.

evil dead the game gameplay features crossplay pc xbox playstation nvidia geforce now
It's been confirmed that Evil Dead The Game has "full crossplay" support at launch. (Picture: Saber Interactive)

We're unsure if Saber Interactive will require players to have additional requirements, but we'll continue to follow this story for more news and updates. For now, this is all that we know about Evil Dead The Game's crossplay support, which will also be available for the Nintendo Switch upon its release.

Will Evil Dead The Game have cross-progression support?

On the other hand, cross-progression support has yet to be announced or confirmed by the developer. Cross-progression support allows you to carry over game progress connected to a game service account (like a Ubisoft account) to a different platform as long as you have the game on other platforms.

evil dead the game gameplay features cross-progression support pc xbox playstation nvidia geforce now
It remains unclear whether Evil Dead The Game supports cross-progression. (Picture: Saber Interactive)

If cross-progression support is available for Evil Dead The Game, players must connect a game service account for game progress, achievements, and more to be shared across multiple platforms. As your progress is tied to this account, it's required to have it synced to the platform you're playing on (i.e., Xbox, PlayStation).

Doing so allows you to access your data from the cloud and sync with your preferred servers to save your progress. Additionally, you can save your game data if you're playing on Xbox and carry it over to a PlayStation console or PC to continue playing.

As mentioned earlier, it's unclear if the developer will require players to create an Evil Dead-related account for cross-progression to work. While details on both crossplay and cross-progression are somewhat unclear, it's pretty challenging to determine how the game will run on multiple platforms.

Evil Dead The Game launches for PC via Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4 &5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and NVIDIA GeForce Now on 13th May 2022. A release date for a Nintendo Switch port has yet to be confirmed; however, pre-loading is available.

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Featured image courtesy of Saber Interactive.