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Fall Guys leaked skins, challenges and emotes

Thanks to a dataminer, we can get our first look at the upcoming Fall Guys skins, emotes, and challenges.
Fall Guys leaked skins, challenges and emotes

Fall Guys, from developer Mediatonic, has taken the world by storm. If you are enjoying Fall Guys as much as the next...well...guy, then you might want to know what's coming to the game in a future update. Thanks to a dataminer, HYPEX, who you might know from all the Fortnite leaks, we now have an idea of new leaked skins, emotes, as well as challenges coming to the game.

New Fall Guys skins leaked

Thanks to a datamining expedition by HYPEX, we can get our first glimpse of all the new Fall Guys skins which could very well make their way into the game. Remember, just because skins were found in the game's files, doesn't mean they are guaranteed to get released.

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One of the most interesting new Fall Guys skins is the Scout skin found in the game's files. For those unfamiliar with the look, it comes from Team Fortress 2, pointing towards a Fall Guys x Team Fortress collaboration in the future.



There are dozens of additional, unreleased skins found by HYPEX. Check out the upper and lower half of the skins, as well as their price and rarity in the images below.

Fall guys new skins emotes challenges
fall guys new skins emotes challenges leaks

At the time of writing, it is unclear when these new Fall Guys skins will release, and if all of them will make the cut. 


Fall Guys emotes leaked

HYPEX also found some new emotes coming to the game. There are 14 new emotes in total found in the game's files. These emotes range from common to legendary in terms of rarity, with the legendary one being called "Beefy" with a prize of five Crowns attached to it.


Fall Guys challenges detailed

HYPEX also found some challenges, which the dataminer reports is active in the game's files. However, at the time of writing, they are invisible, meaning Mediatonic is yet to make them live.


Check out the Fall Guys challenges and rewards below:

  • Stay in air for 20 seconds = 1000 Kudos
  • Qualify 10 rounds = 1000 Kudos
  • Finish at least 10 round 3 = 1000 Kudos
  • Finish Round 3, 5 times = 1000 Kudos
  • Hold an Egg for 10 seconds = 1000 Kudos
  • Earn 50 score = 1000 Kudos

So there you have it, the first round of Fall Guys leaks. Clearly, the developer does have a lot planned for the game, including new Fall Guys skins, emotes, and challenges to enjoy.


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