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Fallout 76 server status: Are servers down?

Check here to make sure it’s not your Internet that’s causing the Fallout 76 log-in problems.
Fallout 76 server status: Are servers down?
Fallout 76 is a live-service game with servers to accommodate the game’s new influx of incoming players. While the game was already growing in popularity, the new Steel Reign update that was released on 7th July should introduce another wave of Wastelanders. 

Though this is great for the title, it could also mean more problems for the developers at Bethesda. Between servicing a new update and the influx of more players, Fallout 76 could become more unstable than it has in the past. 

The key dilemma with a multiplayer title becoming unstable is the shutdown of the game’s servers. These essentially act as the lobbies that players join based on their region or gameplay preferences. Most of the time, the servers work as intended. However, that might not be the case as the Steel Reign update continues to bring in new players. 

Are the Fallout 76 servers down? 

Fallout 76 serversFallout 76’s Steel Reign update is now live. (Picture: Bethesda)

As of the time of writing, 7th July, the servers are up and working for Fallout 76. However, it is Thursday and one day after the Steel Reign update, meaning some of the potential players haven’t had the chance to log on yet or are waiting for the weekend. 

If the servers do end up becoming unstable, due to issues with the game or Steel Reign update or simply more players, there are a couple of ways players can check if Bethesda has officially taken them offline or not. 

The first way is to check the Fallout 76 and Bethesda social media accounts and support pages. These often provide quick and explanatory updates as to why the servers might not be working. However, if the accounts haven’t provided any update, players can also check the Down Detector website, which is usually up to date within seconds. This provides updates on game servers across a wide variety of developers and genres. 

If all of these links say that the servers are working as intended but you can’t get online, it might be time to check your internet connection. If your connection is strong, you can contact Bethesda directly through their Support Twitter account.