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Fallout mod The Frontier removed over "pedophilic art" by one of its developers

The massive Fallout: New Vegas mod has been hidden on Nexus Mods after it was discovered that one of the developers was posting pedophilic content on their personal artist accounts.
Fallout mod The Frontier removed over "pedophilic art" by one of its developers

After several years of development, an enormous and highly ambitious project Fallout: The Frontier was finally completed, and the mod has become available for Fallout fans to play it.

The Frontier is a Fallout: New Vegas mod and it is the largest-ever mod for a Fallout franchise, including both old and new Fallout games.

Fallout fans have been really excited for this project, so much that when it was finally released on 15th January, they've managed to crash modding site Nexus Mods.

Fallout The Frontier removed
Fallout: The Frontier is a massive total conversion mod set in Portland, Oregon (Picture: Bethesda/The Frontier modding team)

Unfortunately, if this sounds like something you would like to try, currently that won't be possible because the mod has been taken down by the creators.

Fallout: The Frontier is now set to hidden and if you try to visit its Nexus Mods page, you will only find the message from the team behind it, which gives an explanation why was the mod removed.

The reason being is that it has been discovered that one of the mod's developers has been posting "animated pedophilic content on their personal artist accounts".

"The items in question are deeply disturbing to the entire team, and we condemn them in the strongest sense," reads the message. "ZuTheSkunk has since been removed from the Development Team and banned off of our Community."

The modding team behind the project revealed that they have stopped working on the mod for the time being in order to internally discuss what are their next moves.

Fallout The Frontier america
In The Frontier, you can enslave a teenage girl who "enjoy" being your slave (Picture: Bethesda/The Frontier modding team)

Unfortunately, it seems that the mod itself suffers for some questionable storylines and characters as well.

According to reports from players who have played the mod, the mod has a storyline where the player can enslave a teenage girl who acts like a child and even starts to enjoy being a slave.

Apparently, there's also a subplot about a "lizard girl" which one player describes as "creepy fetish garbage" and some players even report of another bestiality subplot.

Fallout The Frontier lizard people
The mod has a subplot about Lizardgirls who want to have sex with you(Picture: Bethesda/The Frontier modding team)

It seems that, in general, the mod's writing suffers from a lot of uncomfortable sex jokes and fetishized characters, and the overall consensus from fans is that the writing is generally subpar and "borderline nonsensical".

It's a shame that the project of this scale is being overshadowed by questionable narrative decisions. The modding team promises that "more measures will be undertaken and a more detailed address will be posted soon," and fans are hoping that some of the most problematic characters and subplots will be removed.