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Bloodborne Fans Split Over PlayStation's Merch Drop Amidst Remaster and Sequel Anticipation

As PlayStation unveils new Bloodborne merchandise, fans find themselves torn between excitement and disappointment, longing for a remaster or sequel instead.
Bloodborne Fans Split Over PlayStation's Merch Drop Amidst Remaster and Sequel Anticipation
FromSoftware / SuperGroupies

Bloodborne fans have been itching for a PC port or a 60fps version since its 2015 release, myself included. Fast forward almost a decade, and there's still no sign of a sequel or remaster. To add salt to the wound, Sony has just announced a new set of merchandise, seemingly capitalizing on our longing for the game.

While some view this as an opportunity to snag awesome Bloodborne-inspired gear, others feel like Sony might be missing the point. Let's dive into the details and chat about it below.

Fans Have Mixed Feelings After Playstation Launches New Bloodborne Merch Instead of a Remaster or Sequel

SuperGroupies, a popular Japanese retailer famous for its collection of items and merchandise themed after beloved anime and games like Kingdom Hearts or Demon Slayer, has just unveiled a fresh batch of PlayStation's Bloodborne gear. Among the lineup are Bloodborne-inspired Victorian-era boots, gloves, a pocket watch reminiscent of the game's cathedral clock face, and a Bloodborne wristwatch, touted as the first of its kind.

But, let's be real, these goodies don't come cheap, ranging from $85 to $200. Still, for die-hard fans, price likely isn't much of a hurdle. What's gnawing at many fans is Sony's apparent eagerness to milk the Bloodborne IP for merch while leaving us high and dry on the remaster or remake front, which many would gladly settle for at this point if a sequel isn't in the cards.

Fans aren't shy about voicing their frustration either. Comments on the announcement post are flooded with disgruntled fans who couldn't care less about merch; they just want better accessibility or improvements to the game. One commenter bluntly states, "Remaster the damn game already, for God's sake," while another adds, "Literally anything but a sequel, come on."

Sony Launches New BloodBorne Merch But Fans Want Remaster Or Sequel
While getting new merch is cool, fans are far more interested in a possible remake/remaster or sequel, but for now, as things are still silent, we'll have to wait and see. (Picture: FromSoftware)

Sure, we get that FromSoftware is neck-deep in the upcoming Shadow of the Elden Tree DLC for Elden Ring, but come on, it's been nearly a decade since Bloodborne's release. Dark Souls has three games, Demon's Souls got a PS5 remake, and even Armored Core has a shiny new numbered title (Sekiro is perfection, so we'll let that slide). It just stings to think that Bloodborne might end up being a one-hit wonder.

Of course, we can't say with absolute certainty that Bloodborne will never get a remake or sequel, but given the radio silence and the sporadic release of merch, it's probably best not to get our hopes up too high. For now, let's cherish what we have and keep our fingers crossed that we'll get to embark on the hunt once more in the future.