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Final Fantasy Series Has Sold Over 180 Million Units

Not so Final.
Final Fantasy Series Has Sold Over 180 Million Units

The Final Fantasy series has now hit an incredible sales milestone. 

Over the weekend, Square Enix officially announced that the Final Fantasy series as a whole has sold over 180 million units worldwide since the first game was released. 

Final Fantasy XVI launched just over two weeks ago, and sold three million copies a week after launch, making it the fastest-selling PS5 exclusive yet. With a game still yet to launch in the coming year (Final Fantasy VII Rebirth), and Final Fantasy XIV continually getting expansions to the ongoing MMORPG installment of the game, it's likely that this number will just keep getting higher and higher. It's also likely that Final Fantasy XVI will sell a lot more in the next two years as more and more people adopt the PS5 system, as it's not yet as widely adopted as last-generation systems such as the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. 

There's also rumors of a potential Final Fantasy IX remake coming, which has been described by Jeff Grubb as being closer to the Crisis Core remake in nature.