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Final Fantasy VII battle royale: Release date, platforms, leaks, and more

Square Enix surprised fans by announcing a battle royale set in the world of Final Fantasy VII, 30 years prior to the events of the original game.
Final Fantasy VII battle royale: Release date, platforms, leaks, and more

The Final Fantasy VII Remake announcements that came during Sony's State of Play, which included new Yuffie DLC and a free PS5 upgrade, weren't the only ones that Square Enix had up their sleeves, showcasing a battle royale mobile title called Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier.

The name of the game was leaked months after fans learned of Square's motion to trademark the subtitle First Soldier, and now we got a first look at it, one that has divided the fanbase, with some curious to try it out, while others bashing the decision to seemingly milk the franchise by cashing in on the BR trend. 


Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier - Release date and platforms

We don't know the specifics about when the game is launching, we do know that it's scheduled for 2021. 

According to the announcement trailer, the game will be available worldwide, indicating the developers are planning a simultaneous release before the end of the year. 

The game will be availableon iOS and Android devices.

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier - How to play

You've heard the term battle royale, but how does that fit into the Final Fantasy VII universe? Let's break down some info we could gather from the trailer.

Just like other mobile battle royales, The First Solder is a third-person shooter that goes into first-person while aiming down sights. The game also features melee combat with a sword user slashing through the opposition. You can also spot direct hand-to-hand combat and staff users at one point.

Some of the scenarios shown during the trailer included the Sector 5 and 7 slums, with iconic locations such as Aerith's house, the Seventh Heaven bar, Don Corneo's Wall Market mansion, and more.

Certain locations might be available for players to go into and maybe find loot, with glimpses of the Sector 5 Church and the Wall Market arena being showed too.

We also got a sneak peek into how spells and materia will play a role in this battle royale. At one point, a player could be seen healing a teammate, casting spells like Fira, and even barriers with their MP bar being depleted while doing so.

final fantasy the first soldier
(Image: Square Enix)

Looking at the top left of the screen, we can not only see that The First Soldier might include a diverse variety of ways to queue for games, including solos, duos, trios, and squads, but that there might be a class system that can impact your playstyle, with different icons for each player. 

ffvii first soldier classes
(Image: Square Enix)

The footage also shows players fighting against wild enemies, including the Scorpion Sentinel. It's unclear if these will be part of the world or if players will have the ability to summon them at will.

Speaking of summons, yes, they are indeed part of Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier, with Ifrit making a quick cameo in the trailer. 

FFVII The first soldier gameplay
(Image: Square Enix)

Are you excited for this surprising take on the battle royale genre? Stay tuned as we'll keep you updated on all things Final Fantasy VII.