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First Bandai-Namco Store Outside Of Japan Is Coming To London

Pip pip Guv'nor, is that a Hadouken I see you've got?
First Bandai-Namco Store Outside Of Japan Is Coming To London

Street Fighter fans need to get ready because the very first Bandai Namco Cross-Store is opening outside of Japan. 

The new Bandai Namco Cross-Store will open in Camden next month, specifically in Camden. The Bandai Namco Cross Store is made up of six different individual shops, with each of the six stores stocking different Bandai Namco products. According to Bandai Namco themselves, the stores will offer "a wide selection of high-quality Japanese character products from collectibles, card games, figures, and everyday items".

The six separate shops are as follows:

  • Banpresto Official Shop
  • Gashapon Bandai Official Shop
  • Ichibankuji Official Shop
  • MegaHouse Official Store
  • One Piece Card Game Official Shop
  • Sun-Star Stationery Shop

In an official statement, Bandai Namco Amusement Europe's managing director, John McKenzie, had the following to say:

"Camden, London, is widely recognized as offering an eclectic mix of cultural products and art. It is the perfect location to launch our Bandai Namco Cross Store concept in the UK which combines our expertise in location-based entertainment with a rapidly growing demand for IP and concepts originating from our group's Japanese culture."

In addition to the above stores, there's also an arcade experience and an event space, suggesting that we could be seeing further things at this location.